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Are Tieks Really Even Worth The Price?

As a person who loves shoes of all kinds, flats are by far my favorite. Tieks ballet flats to be exact, but are Tieks really even worth the price

One of the main problems I used to have when it came to flats was finding the perfect pair. Flats are more comfortable and perfect for my busy lifestyle instead of trying to do it all in uncomfortable shoes. I had trouble finding ballet flats that didn’t pinch or cause blisters. A great pair of shoes needs to provide enough comfort to walk around in all day long. While also being fashionable (at least for me).

In the past I felt like I was just wasting money while on a hunt for the perfect pair of flats. Pretty much very pair I wore would eventually hurt my feet in some way. They were also never good when walking around, which I do a lot of when traveling (see my favorite places to travel with my Tieks at the end of this post).

Once I discovered Tieks shoes I could finally answer the question of are Tieks worth the price. 


What is so special about Tieks?

When people ask what is so special about Tieks, I immediately think back to to how excited I was when I got my very first pair

Tieks are a foldable flat made from 100% Italian leather, with a signature teal-ish colored non-skid rubber sole. They also have advanced foam cushion on the inside of the shoe and a cushioned back.

They offer the softest support you could ever find in any flat. Unfortunately many other brands of flats, including the signature Tory Burch shoes, have an elasticized back, which can dig into your heel.

The non-skid, rubber soles means that  you can wear your Tieks immediately, right out of the box over any surface. I have worn my Tieks over many different surfaces including gravel and grassy areas in complete comfort.

I have walked for 12 plus hours around both Disney World and New York City in Tieks, along with many other places around the world, both comfortably and fashionably.

Tieks ballet flats are definitely part of my best travel essentials

plaid Tieks ballet flats

Are Tieks Really Worth The Price?

I know that as soon as people hear the price tag for these ballet flats (after all they do start at $175.00) they may quickly roll their eyes, but wait.

From the first time I slipped them on my feet I knew I finally found a shoe that was completely worth every penny. They feel like a shoe that was customized for you.

These aren’t like any other flats I have ever owned and worn, mainly due to their comfort, flexibility and wide variety of  styles. 

From the first time you unfold a new pair of Tieks and wear them, they almost instantly begin to mold to you whether you have narrow or wide feet.

In my experience of wearing these shoes the patent Tieks tend to fit a little snugger than the leather or plaid fabric style

When it comes to my clothes and shoes I don’t mind spending a little more, but it definitely better be worth it. I would never suggest that anyone spend money on something I didn’t truly believe in or actually wear myself.

Unlike my favorite Frye riding boot, it is a very rare thing to find Tieks for sale, a Tieks coupon, Tieks Black Friday special or discount Tieks. 

So when I tell you Tieks are really worth the price (and then some), you can believe it.

I even splurged on a sweet pair of Tieks for my daughter. 

Plaid Tieks Ballet Flats

Do you wear Tieks with socks?

I think this answer comes down to personal preference. My Tieks are never worn with socks, but I know people who won’t wear flats without them. 

If you do plan on wearing your flats with socks, the best kind are these truly no-show socks, which come in 3 different colors. 

Does Tieks have a store? 

Unfortunately Tieks are not sold in stores. You can’t buy them online at Zappos or Amazon either. They can be purchased directly from the Boutiek. 

Not being able to try them on to make sure they aren’t a bit tight or too loose and that fit perfect fit worries some people.

I can assure you though that Tieks has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. 

What comes in a Tieks box?

Receiving a pair of Tieks is quite the fun experience. Since you can’t buy Tieks at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales or any store, there is only one place you can buy Tieks from.

You not only receive an amazing pair of foldable flats, but also:

  1. A personalized, handwritten note from the Tieks team.
  2. Tieks signature blue box with an adorable elasticized flower ribbon wrapped around it (you can reuse). 
  3. Small black drawstring bag to carry your folded Tieks in. 
  4. Tieks signature blue bag (for carrying around those uncomfortable heels or other shoes you took off to switch into your comfy Tieks). 

When you get these additional goodies it definitely makes it easier when thinking about are Tieks even worth the price

Tieks Box

Check out the Tieks by Gavrieli website and let me know what color of these cute and comfy flats you would love to add to your wardrobe.

The holidays are coming and these shoes would also make perfect gifts for mom

Are Tieks good for travel?

When you are doing lots of walking and spending hours on your feet that is the test of a good pair of shoes. Tieks shoes pass the test.

They are ideal for travel, especially due to their durability and portability.

Here is some travel inspiration for some places to take your Tieks next year. I already have put a bunch of places on my 2020 digital vision board



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Shannon Smyth

Friday 12th of January 2018

I've been contemplating Tieks for a while now as the Anne Klein's I've had for 13 years are finally calling it quits. They were no where near the price tag of Tieks ($60), so the Tieks pricetag has definitely given me pause. Do they ever go on sale? I love the look of them and can't stop looking at them. lol


Saturday 13th of January 2018

Unfortunately Tieks don't go on sale. They are honestly worth every penny and then some.

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