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Why You Need These Tieks Ballet Flats

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Even though summer is the season I crave, fall fashion is what I love best. One way I like to show off my casually fashionable style is with shoes, especially Tieks ballet flats. I love shoes that are comfortable, classy, and fashionable, which is why my favorite pairs for about 10 years now are Tieks.

Last year I added a unique pair to my collection, that are perfect for fall. Now that the chilly weather has arrived I want to share why you need these Tieks ballet flats. 

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Are Tieks flats worth it?

The first question I am usually asked when people notice I am wearing Tieks, is whether or not they are worth the price.

Now I fully admit they are not the most budget friendly shoes, but if you get to know the truth about Tieks, you might better understand why people become so obsessed with these ballet flats. 

Why you need these Tieks ballet flats.

Are you a big fan of all things plaid like me, especially when it comes to fashion? 

Tieks come in over 60 styles, but one that was always missing (for me) was plaid. Finally my shoe dreams came true and last year Tieks released a new style called Heritage Plaid.

I was so excited to immediately order them. Although I was a little unsure about the cotton blend fabric, vs. my patent or all leather Tieks.

Why you need these Tieks ballet flats is because not only did they exceed my expectations in the style department, but they are the most comfortable pair I own, except for these

From the second I opened up the signature blue Tieks box and slipped these plaid beauties on my feet, I knew they were absolutely worth the wait.

plaid Tieks ballet flats

  • Classic tartan plaid style that goes with everything.

They are plaid, need I say more?

I love print mixing, especially with plaid, camo, leopard, floral and more (which are the prints I request most in my Stitch Fixes). The Heritage Plaid Tieks make it easy to show off my love for plaid plus prints.

Simply throw on a leopard sweater, cardigan, or a camo tee with distressed jeans and these plaid Tieks to show off a simple and effortless style.

plaid Tieks ballet flats

  • Comfortable cotton-blend, fabric upper with a leather insole.

Unlike my other Tieks, which are all 100% leather, the unique fabric of the Heritage Plaid feels cozy against your feet. They are perfect flats for wearing in chillier weather. 

The first time I put them on I really didn’t want to take them off. 

plaid Tieks ballet flats

  • They are unique and beautiful.

This is a one-of a kind style for Tieks and I am completely here for it.

Unlike some of the more popular colors (black, leopard, silver, fuchsia, red), this style is unique. That means you will be an instant trendsetter when you wear these shoes. 

Why You Need These New Plaid Tieks Ballet Flats

Do any stores carry Tieks?

Now you know why you need these Tieks ballet flats, you are probably wondering where you can buy them at.

Unfortunately Tieks can not be bought in any stores (unless you find them at a store that sells gently used brand name apparel, like Plato’s Closet). They also can not be bought online at stores like Zappos, Amazon or 6pm. 

Tieks can only be purchased here at this online boutiek

What is so special about Tieks?

What is so special about Tieks, beyond their comfort and style, is how portable they are. I always take multiple pairs of these foldable flats no matter where I am traveling to, including Disney, Philly, Arizona and beyond.

They are the perfect addition to these carry on travel essentials

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In case you need some inspiration for places to travel to with your Tieks, here are some ideas:





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Lily Ashley militaryfamof8

Thursday 11th of October 2018

I have never owned a pair before but this print is everything!!!


Thursday 11th of October 2018

They are my most favorite brand of shoes.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting

Thursday 11th of October 2018

Yes, please!!!