Are Tieks Shoes Perfect For Travel?

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Are you familiar with Tieks by Gavrieli? They are stylish, comfy and admittedly pricey ballet flats that have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Yes, they are wonderful for everyday wear, but are Tieks shoes perfect for travel

To answer this question, I am going to share why I don’t leave home without multiple pairs of Tieks shoes packed, no matter where I am traveling to. 

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Are you familiar with Tieks?

I have been wearing these signature blue bottomed foldable flats for almost 10 years now, and you can find out here if they are really worth the price or not.

Tieks shoes are stylish and comfortable ballet flats that come in a wide variety of colors and styles. After trying so many different flats over the years, they are the only brand that doesn’t pinch my heel or give me blisters, which is a complete win. 

Tieks are crafted from Italian leather which is probably why they are so durable and long-lasting.

My leopard Tieks, which are one of my most worn pairs, still look great even after 6+ years. 

So, why are Tieks shoes perfect for travel?

  • Tieks are easy to slip off on and off, which makes going through TSA a little less stressful. Less stress is definitely a plus with the way the future of travel seems to be headed.   
  • Since Tieks are foldable, they make the best travel essential. Even if you travel light, they are compact enough to pack a few pairs. 
  • There is a color and style of Tieks to fit every wardrobe. I will often bring a brightly colored pair of Tieks to give my travel style a pop of color, and also a more neutral-colored pair, that can go with any outfit. 
  • You can walk around in comfort, thanks to the foam-cushioned insoles inside Tieks. I have worn Tieks while walking throughout the Disney World Parks all day long without complaining that my feet hurt. Before this current vacation at home, I took 5 pairs of Tieks with me on my trips to Rome and Spain. They were the perfect footwear for exploring all the places I always dreamed of seeing. 
  • Depending on what style of Tieks you buy, they can be worn to dress an outfit up or down. I even wear mine with some of my favorite leggings. They are perfect for when you don’t want to wear fancier shoes while traveling but might want a dressier type of look. 
  • They are stylish. People often ask what kind of shoes I am wearing, when I have Tieks on and want to know where can they buy them at.
  • Tieks make even virtual tours a whole lot more fashionably fun!

Now that you know Tieks shoes are perfect for travel, where would you like to go?



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