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Why You Should NEVER EVER Visit Disney World 

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Listen closely because I am finally ready to share my thoughts on why you should NEVER EVER visit Disney World. Yes, you heard me right, I am saying STAY AWAY from the happiest place on Earth.

People ask me why my family and I visit Disney World so often and sometimes I feel like sarcastically answering that question with “because its such an awful place,” but I don’t. Instead I go on and on and on sharing about all of the magical moments, memories and experiences Disney World has provided for myself, my husband and our kids.

Whether you are on a budget, celebrating a birthday or visiting for a long weekend getaway, there is only one main reason why you should NEVER EVER visit Disney World.

Is Disney really worth it?

I hear this question of is Disney really worth it pretty frequently, especially due to it being a pretty pricey family vacation.

What I recommend is making sure you take the time to plan out your trip before you go and of course make sure you have some travel apps downloaded your phone to make your trip easier. This way you will hopefully get to experience all of the rides, attractions, food and more that make up lots of the magic of Disney.

This free list which breaks down everything in Disney World by park is a huge help

4 Reasons Not to Visit Disney World

1. Disney will instantly make you feel like a kid all over again.

If you were anything like me while growing up, you probably often complained that you couldn’t wait to be an adult.

Please don’t attempt to visit the Disney Parks or even Disney Springs if you don’t want to be reminded of what it’s like to be carefree or feel like a kid all over again. It doesn’t matter how old you are, Disney’s magic has the power to touch all ages. 

You should see my excitement (even though I will be 40 next year) whenever I see certain characters, especially Alice in Wonderland, like at these Disney World meet and greets

Disney transports you through various times in history, movies, lands and unique attractions that sometimes it’s hard to contain yourself and not want to be a dreamer forever, even for my teen

Pandora's Avatar ride at Animal Kingdom

Mother and daughter in front of Cinderella's Castle

2. You will want to eat all the things

The Disney Parks are constantly stepping up their food game and tempting your taste buds with its variety and ridiculous amounts of mouth-watering foods, drinks, sweet treats, crazy concoctions and so much more! They even have delicious allergy friendly and gluten free food options

I promise that any diet you may have had prior to your visit will be completely out the window while at Disney World, so just enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to indulge. 

3. Be prepared for your face to hurt

You are probably thinking what in the world, didn’t she mean to write feet from walking around all the parks. Nope, I meant face, from all the laughter and joy you will experience through Disney World. 

No one likes pain, even if it is from smiling and laughing so hard all day thanks to all of the amazing rides, shows, parades and characters to hang out with.

Learn how to experience the excitement of Toy Story Land, minus all of the crowds, for the most exciting experience

Slinky Dog Coaster at Toy Story Land

Mt. Everest ride in Animal Kingdom

4. You might experience withdrawal symptoms.

The final and most important reason why you should NEVER EVER visit Disney World is because the withdrawal symptoms you will inevitably experience once you have to leave all of the magic Disney has to offer behind can definitely leave you feeling a bit emotional. 

Each trip, Disney Cruise and Disney Adventure is almost too difficult to bear (insert my tears each and every time I leave Disney) after its over.

My daughter has taken up drawing daily Disney characters to hold her over until our next magical getaway. 

Magic Kingdom fireworks

I hope after reading this you understand the seriousness behind why you should NEVER EVER visit Disney World, and you need to try your hardest to avoid it at all costs.

To quickly recap for you, going to Disney World will only make you feel childish (damn Peter Pan syndrome), full from too many snacks, your face will hurt from laughing and smiling, and you could experience withdrawal symptoms from the many magical moments.

So please, if you must go to Disney World, especially as often as my family and I like to go, be aware that the magic of Disney will truly suck you in and captivate you from the moment you walk down Main St. USA.

Know that it is completely normal for you to even shed a tear when you see the Walt and Mickey statue, and that Cinderella’s castle just might take your breath away for a second.

Enjoy and savor each and every magical moment.

Why You Should NEVER EVER Visit Disney World 

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Emily Bendler

Tuesday 30th of May 2017

Love this post! I am super excited to visit Disney with my hubs and the kids next year. It will be all of their first times visiting!


Tuesday 30th of May 2017

I hope you all have a fabulous time! Please let me know if you need any tips!

Women&TheirPretties (@JoyceDuboise)

Friday 24th of March 2017

This is my new favorite post <3 I was like "Heck no! Someone better not be telling people not to visit WDW" lol


Friday 24th of March 2017

Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. Oh yes, my family and I are HUGE Disney addicts!

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Sunday 26th of June 2016

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Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Whew! You had me worried at first!


Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Nope! No need to worry. The Disney magic is alive and real in my family!

Vikki Cerbin

Saturday 9th of April 2016

We love Disney so much that we became Vacation Club members and now we go a lot more often.