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How To Easily Create A Digital Vision Board

A few years ago, I was sitting at my desk (supposed to be working) but instead I was daydreaming. I thought about all things I wanted to accomplish that year, but for some reason or another they just didn’t happen. That exact moment is when my digital vision board was born. 

Instead of simply wishing for things I dreamed about to happen, I decided to hold myself more accountable. That meant by not only working harder, but also manifesting and envisioning my goals (both personal and professional). 

Since I do most things online and wanted constant access to my dreams, I learned how to easily create a digital vision board

What is a vision board and how does it work?

A vision board is something you can create (whether it is online or actually on a board), which can help you maintain focus on specific goals.

You can display images of people, places, things and words that represent what you want for yourself or want to happen in your life. 

I am a true believer in vision boards because they work on keeping you intentional when it comes to attracting what you want. 

Vision boards are kind of similar to creating a bucket list

What should be on your board?

The simple answer here is whatever you want! The best thing about vision boards is they are unique to you and your goals. 

For example, my vision board last year included a whole lot of travel, blog/business changes I wanted to make, books to read and inspirational quotes.

In fact, I had the Eiffel Tower on my digital vision board twice and less than 3 months into the year I was able to visit Paris in this budget friendly way.

Eiffel Tower

Then after returning from that trip, I made a huge change with my blog to take this new adventure, and later in the year got a dream full-time job, which definitely has all been quite the balancing act

Also, traveling to Disney World was on my vision board, but more as a professional blogging goal instead of a personal one, and I was fortunate enough to have worked with Disney three times last year.

One of the most special and unforgettable experiences was when I was invited to cover the Disney Dreamers Academy

Disney Dreamers Class of 2019

Now I am in no way sharing this information with you to brag, but only to show you the power of a vision board and what could happen when you actually “speak” into existence the things you want in life. 

My kids have even jumped on the vision board train and started to create their own at the beginning of each year.

Creating these and being able to celebrate when something on their board actually happens, has helped boost their confidence.

This makes my heart happy as a parent, especially for my daughter who deals with anxiety. 

There is an easy way to help kids create a vision board online, which can make it more fun for them. 

kids creating a digital vision board

Create a Digital Vision Board

When talking about how to create a vision board, people usually make them on paper, poster board or even pin things to cork boards.

Instead I have a unique way that only involves 6 easy steps. 

  • Find photos online of places, people, things or words that represent your dreams and goals
  • Save and download them to your computer
  • Create a collage in Canva or PicMonkey or even right on your phone with one of the collage apps. (I like to use Canva)
  • Make a title for your digital vision board (maybe your word of the year or simply the year)
  • Fill up your collage with the photos you downloaded
  • After you have finished, save your digital vision board. Then you can print it out (if you want a copy to hang), use it as your computer’s screensaver, turn your iPhone’s home screen into a mobile vision board thanks to the new iOS 14 or even share on social media. 

Is There a Free Vision Board App?

I have talked about these free apps before, but what about when it comes to vision boards?

Are there free vision board apps so you can manifest your dreams on the go?

Yes there are and here are four of them I want to share with you:

If you create a digital vision board, I would love if you shared it on social by tagging me so I can cheer you on and we can stay motivated together. Kind of like our own virtual vision board party. 

Motivational quote for a digital vision board

One of the best things about a digital vision board vs. a regular vision board is you can change, update or rearrange your board all throughout the year simply by editing your saved collage.

This is perfect, especially for a year like 2020 has been, when pretty much only virtual travel or vacationing at home has been possible. 

These types of vision boards are also easy to share with others who might need some inspiration. 

Have you ever created a vision board before?

Lets work toward manifesting our dreams and goals to make big things happen! 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.