Cheap Broadway Tickets And How To Get Them

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Being close to New York City is one of the best things about living just outside of Philadelphia. Since I was a young child, I have been in a constant state of love with the city that never sleeps.

My family and I like to spend weekends or even a single day touring New York and its neighboring boroughs, so we frequently take road trips or take the train. Broadway shows are expensive, but we love to see them whenever we get the chance.

We just took a trip to the city, and we were able to secure Broadway tickets at a great price at the last minute. I want to tell you how you can do the same.

While we were in New York City, my daughter really wanted to see Spongebob on Broadway (she even brought her pineapple skirt for good luck!), but the tickets were just too expensive. This is a terrific weekend escape option.

It’s more expensive than just Disney World entrance, unless you’re a Disney Dreamer or have a very tight budget.

My spouse and I both played the lottery before we departed for New York City in the morning in an attempt to secure a spot to buy discounted tickets to the performance. We kept getting emails throughout the day saying that neither of us had won, but since the musical only had two weeks left on Broadway, I wasn’t prepared to give up so easily.

Are tickets for Broadway available at the box office?

Tickets are always available for purchase at the box office of the theater. Purchasing your tickets in person has the advantage of not requiring any extra service or handling fees.
We decided to go to the box office approximately 15 minutes prior to showtime to check if anything was available, as I had read that there are occasionally last-minute cancellations.
For $75 apiece, there were four different sections of the theater with tickets available. We declined and left as I most certainly didn’t want us to sit apart.
We chose to remain outside the Palace theater, which is located in the middle of Times Square, and observe the eager passersby instead of going inside. Upon observing my daughter’s dejected expression and her pineapple skirt—which she fervently believed would bring us good fortune—I realized we had to persevere.

Are tickets for Broadway less expensive at the box office?

The majority of people seem to believe that you can find the cheapest Broadway tickets online, but in my experience, box office prices are usually lower at the last minute.

My husband went back to the box office, but I asked him to wait as the show we wanted to see was starting in less than five minutes. He was talking eagerly when I noticed him, and he waved us over.
About two minutes before the event started, a box containing four tickets was available for just $30 apiece! We hurried into the theater, and the usher confirmed that the situation does, in fact, occur fairly frequently as he led us to our own box beneath the sea in Bikini Bottom.

The usher clarified that although the majority of people believe they must get tickets well in advance, there are occasions when it is advantageous—in fact, it often saves money—to wait until a few minutes before the performance and to keep asking the box office staff for inexpensive Broadway tickets.
Where do I get inexpensive tickets for Broadway?

Many are interested in learning how to purchase inexpensive Broadway tickets for both on- and off-Broadway productions. It’s true that obtaining a ticket is akin to playing a game of chance, but it’s well worth the effort if you can secure one.

In addition to purchasing tickets directly from the box office, TKTS Discount Booths offer an excellent method to save 20–50% on Broadway tickets and a range of performances.

It is advised that you visit one of these bargain booths early in the day because inventory can change so quickly.

There are three sites in New York City.
To view and purchase tickets in real time, use the TKTS app or visit their website.

Buying your tickets from TKTS is a great way to help an organization that is dedicated to preserving and promoting the arts, which is one of the finest things about it.


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