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Meet Clarissa


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Clarissa Laskey is the adventurous and fashionable Mom behind the site Passports and Parenting. Clarissa is a wife and mom raising a multicultural, blended family. She has two fabulous kids (ages 15 and 9), and also dog Mom to two beautiful Labradoodles. Clarissa loves creating and sharing content about family and travel (especially Disney) with a fashionable focus. Clarissa strives to inspire families to live their best life.

Clarissa is a co-parenting expert and she hopes that her blended family’s co-parenting journey will help inspire other families.

Clarissa doesn’t let having kids slow down her wanderlust and instead encourages and teaches families how to embrace spontaneous travel. Clarissa considers her site to be a wonderful resource for parents to learn how and where to travel to both with and without kids.

The goal for Passports and Parenting is to empower parents to embrace the blend of life instead of trying to balance it all.
Meet Clarissa

My best girlfriend and best buddy sharing smiles!

Meet Clarissa

My family’s second home, Disney World!

Meet Clarissa

We can never seem to take a serious family photo, even when visiting Boston.

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Meet Clarissa and her family

Thank you to Visit Philly for this action family photo.

Meet Clarissa

I am always jumping for joy when I get to spend time with Reece!

Our two beautiful labradoodles (Jaxie Charley)


How Did Passports and Parenting Get Started?

My friends and family used to always joke around that Clarissa can explain it all, especially when it dealt with fashion, travel and parenting. Since I have always been passionate about social media and connecting with, supporting and encouraging others, I decided a few years ago, to make my dream of creating my own website a reality.

I am very proud of the fact that I have been able to inspire people when it comes to connecting positively, spontaneous travel, road trips and wanting to explore the world more.

The feedback, love and support I have received for sharing about my co-parenting journey constantly overwhelms me in a positive way, and encourages me to share more personal stories on my site that I hope people can continue to relate to.


I was a featured guest on the Today Show with Jean Chatzky (Investing 101: Expert Counseling on retirement saving), I have appeared on QVC for a philosophy beauty celebration, participated in multiple photo campaigns for Visit Philly, as well as written a couple of articles that were published on sites such as (Identity Theft) and (My Blended Family  – Huffington Post and Happy Anniversary to my Husband and Son – Huffington Post).

Some of the Brands I Have Partnered With

  • Kia
  • Tieks
  • Lysol
  • Philosophy
  • Toddy Gear
  • Walmart Family Mobile
  • Marriott
  • Element Seaport Boston
  • Boscov’s
  • Sears
  • Nature Made
  • Dutch Wonderland
  • Legoland Discovery Center Philadelphia

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