20 Best Cozy Scarves for Fall and Winter

Winter will be here again before you know it  (at least on the East Coast), which means it’ll be time to break out all the warm clothes, coats and layers. Speaking of layers, scarves are cute, cozy and make the perfect cold weather accessory. Although I can’t promise they will make you like winter any more though.  Scarves have always been one of my favorite accessories. I love that they can be used to not only keep you warm, but also to add a little color and fun to an outfit.  With so many types of scarves to choose from, including … Read more


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15 Best Leggings For Women To Be Casually Cute

Admittedly (and I’m not even sorry about it), but I own probably way too many leggings. First, it started because I was on the hunt for the best black leggings. Once I found them years ago, I was hooked. With so many available options, especially when it comes to style, size and durability, it can be hard to determine what the best leggings for women actually are. So you don’t have to waste your money and time, I did the research already (don’t worry it was fun), to provide you with the only leggings you need to be confident and casually … Read more


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Are Tieks Really Even Worth The Price?

As a person who loves shoes of all kinds, flats are by far my favorite. Tieks ballet flats to be exact, but are Tieks really even worth the price?  One of the main problems I used to have when it came to flats was finding the perfect pair. Flats are more comfortable and perfect for my busy lifestyle instead of trying to do it all in uncomfortable shoes. I had trouble finding ballet flats that didn’t pinch or cause blisters. A great pair of shoes needs to provide enough comfort to walk around in all day long. While also being fashionable … Read more


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15 Of The Best Graphic Tees For Women

What is your favorite thing to wear? My style can best be described as causal fashion, and graphic tees are my favorite thing to wear. I love searching online or in stores for cute graphic tees for women, and even better if they have funny, inspiring or relatable sayings on them.  When I travel it’s always fun to bring a graphic tee or printed top that might have something to do with the location I am visiting (think Disney World, palm trees, Eiffel Tower, NYC). Not only does this make for fun photos and conversation, but I appreciate how easy graphic tees are … Read more


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18 Fantastic Spring Fashion and Accessories For Women

Attention friends, spring is finally here! After being bundled up all winter long it is finally time to start shedding those layers. The first thing I like to do is a little spring cleaning of my closet (find the best closet organization tips here). I donate clothes that no longer fit or I don’t wear, then I usually add a few new fashions, accessories and shoes to my wardrobe. But how do you know what new pieces to buy and where to shop for them at? To make it easier for you, I created a list of 18 fantastic spring fashion … Read more


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