24 Unique Gifts For Mom She Will Love

What are the best and also unique gifts for Mom? Mother’s Day is coming up and as a mother myself I feel as though I can expertly answer this question. First, let me say I truly believe the best gifts are the most heartfelt ones. But what if you want to actually buy unique gifts for moms or the special women in your life (sister, Grandmom, Aunt, Godmother, friend) and you don’t know where to start… I have a variety of great gift ideas to share with you. Even better is that there are meaningful gifts for mom to fit a wide range … Read more


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How To Be Happy Thanks To These 15 Books

My daughter and I recently went to the bookstore because we wanted to pick out some new books. I saw her looking around longer than usual so I asked what kind of book was she looking for. She told me books that show her how to be happy and also make her smile. Do you know how to be happy or do some days require more motivation than others? With all the outside pressures, influences, responsibilities, stresses and more of everyday life, it can often be overwhelmingly hard to stay focused and happy. Maybe we can be inspired to be less negative … Read more


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Why You Need These Tieks Ballet Flats

Even though summer is the season I crave, fall fashion is what I love best. One way I like to show off my casually fashionable style is with shoes, especially Tieks ballet flats. I love shoes that are comfortable, classy, and fashionable, which is why my favorite pairs for about 10 years now are Tieks. Last year I added a unique pair to my collection, that are perfect for fall. Now that the chilly weather has arrived I want to share why you need these Tieks flats.  This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you make … Read more


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The Best Guide For Buying The Right Size Tieks

I LOVE shoes. They are my favorite thing to purchase, wear and travel with. There are many types of shoes I love, but my most favorites are Tieks. Tieks are my go to shoe of choice thanks to their amazing comfort level, durability, portability, and also their style factor. They even have a signature Tieks blue sole and stripe up the back of the shoe for a classy and unique look. Since you can’t try these shoes on before ordering them, how can you be sure you are buying the right size Tieks? After buying so many pairs of these ballet … Read more


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Are Tieks Really Even Worth The Price?

As a person who loves shoes of all kinds, flats are by far my favorite. Tieks ballet flats to be exact, but are Tieks really even worth the price?  One of the main problems I used to have when it came to flats was finding the perfect pair. Flats are more comfortable and perfect for my busy lifestyle instead of trying to do it all in uncomfortable shoes. I had trouble finding ballet flats that didn’t pinch or cause blisters. A great pair of shoes needs to provide enough comfort to walk around in all day long. While also being fashionable … Read more


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15 Of The Best Graphic Tees For Women

What is your favorite thing to wear? My style can best be described as causal fashion, and graphic tees are my favorite thing to wear. I love searching online or in stores for cute graphic tees for women, and even better if they have funny, inspiring or relatable sayings on them.  When I travel it’s always fun to bring a graphic tee or printed top that might have something to do with the location I am visiting (think Disney World, palm trees, Eiffel Tower, NYC). Not only does this make for fun photos and conversation, but I appreciate how easy graphic tees are … Read more


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18 Fantastic Spring Fashion and Accessories For Women

Attention friends, spring is finally here! After being bundled up all winter long it is finally time to start shedding those layers. The first thing I like to do is a little spring cleaning of my closet (find the best closet organization tips here). I donate clothes that no longer fit or I don’t wear, then I usually add a few new fashions, accessories and shoes to my wardrobe. But how do you know what new pieces to buy and where to shop for them at? To make it easier for you, I created a list of 18 fantastic spring fashion … Read more


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Where Can You Buy Tieks Ballet Flats At?

In case you don’t already know this about me, I may have a slight obsession with shoes (just ask my wallet). One of my favorite and most often worn shoes are Tieks ballet flats. These shoes are stylish, super comfortable and perfect for travel. Tieks are easily distinguishable by their beautiful blue soles. They can be folded up and carried in a little black pouch (which is included with every purchase), so they are definitely portable. But something I often hear asked is where can you buy Tieks ballet flats at? Are Tieks Shoes Worth The Price? I briefly explained what … Read more


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Here Is The Truth About Tieks

For the past 10 years or so there has been one brand of shoes that you can be sure to always find me wearing. The shoes are called Tieks and they are foldable ballet flats. Since they are pretty pricey I want to tell you the truth about Tieks before you invest in a pair. Whether I am traveling or hanging out locally people frequently comment on my Tieks when they see me wearing them. After they find out the price, the next few questions I am usually asked are if they are really worth buying, where can you buy … Read more


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How To Stay Involved When You Can’t Attend A Blogging Conference

Since beginning this blogging journey a few years ago, there have been so many things I have learned and will hopefully continue to learn. One of the things that I recently realized is the importance of attending blogging conferences. Click here to check out this complete list of top blogging conferences in the United States and Canada.  Blogging conferences, in case you aren’t familiar with them, are networking events that can be crucial to elevating your blog and taking your business to the next level.   Blogging conferences can inform, educate and inspire you.  Blogging conferences can cause you to … Read more


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