How To Stay Involved When You Can’t Attend A Blogging Conference

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How To Stay Involved When You Can't Attend A Blogging ConferenceHow To Stay Involved When You Can't Attend A Blogging Conference

Since beginning this blogging journey a few years ago, there have been so many things I have learned and will hopefully continue to learn.

One of the things that I recently realized is the importance of attending blogging conferences. Click here to check out this complete list of top blogging conferences in the United States and Canada

Blogging conferences, in case you aren’t familiar with them, are networking events that can be crucial to elevating your blog and taking your business to the next level.  

Blogging conferences can inform, educate and inspire you. 

Blogging conferences can cause you to meet and form connections with people whom you will consider yourself fortunate to be able to call friends. 

Blogging conferences can provide you with both the forum and the confidence to speak with brands that you are already a fan of as well as experience new ones. 

What happens if you are not able to attend a blogging conference?

I know I just told you how important it is to attend blogging conferences, but what if you just can’t make it work at this time.

Does that mean that you miss out on all of the excitement, information, networking, connections and friendships?

Nope, not so fast. 

I want to give you some tips on how to stay involved when you can’t attend a blogging conference. 

  • Follow whomever is holding the blogging conference, such as Mom 2.0 Summit and BlogHer, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). 
  • During the event make sure to follow the conference hashtag (like #BlogHer17), as that will be your best way to feel like you are a part of the blogging conference even though you aren’t there. By following the relevant hashtag you will be provided with the latest and greatest information, quotes, photos, live videos and more straight from the blogging conference.
  • Watch the live videos from the blogging conference, which can make you feel like you have a front row seat to the entire experience. 
  • Connect with the host of the conference, speakers, fellow bloggers and even brands via the blogging conference hashtag. Retweet and respond to information and photos that you find relevant. 
  • Ask attendees of the blogging conference what their experience has been like so that you can make an informed decision on what blogging conferences to attend in the future, if you are able to. 
  • Stay in touch post conference with the host, brands and the attendees via the hashtag. Also sign up for the blogging conference host’s website so you can get the latest news, tips and information.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you have you attended any blogging conferences.

If so, which ones are your favorite and would you recommend for bloggers to attend? 

How To Stay Involved When You Can't Attend A Blogging ConferenceHow To Stay Involved When You Can't Attend A Blogging Conference



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