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How To Be Happy Thanks To These 15 Books

My daughter and I recently went to the bookstore because we wanted to pick out some new books. I saw her looking around longer than usual so I asked what kind of book was she looking for. She told me books that show her how to be happy and also make her smile.

Do you know how to be happy or do some days require more motivation than others? With all the outside pressures, influences, responsibilities, stresses and more of everyday life, it can often be overwhelmingly hard to stay focused and happy.

Maybe we can be inspired to be less negative and learn how to be happy thanks to these 15 books

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How can I be happy in life book? 

As I walked around the bookstore with my daughter I looked up and saw a section in the store titled, “How To Be Happy“. She laughed as she told me she saw that sign on our way in, but wondered why it wasn’t in the kids section too.

Then what really got me was when she asked, why don’t grown ups already know how to be happy.

I explained to her first that there is no limit to how happy a person can be. I also told her that sometimes people need encouragement plus direction with finding ways to be happier, positive and more confident.

There are some great books you may want to consider reading when it comes to figuring out how to be happy in life.

Books that might even change the way you think and live your life. Books like these can be a big help while also making you feel good.


Not too long ago I talked about people being shamed for doing things that make them happy, like I was, but maybe if we took some lessons from these books we would be inspired to be less negative and more happy.

Which book is best for life? 

There are so many amazing books in the world that it would be very difficult to pick one that is the best.

Some of the best books that I love to recommend are these books that inspire wanderlust and have caused travel to ruin my life

The older I get though and the more changes that happen to try and make me lose my balance in life, I find myself coming back to this list of books for a happier life. 

15 Books To Show You How To Be Happy:

Have you read any of the 15 books on this how to be happy list? 

If not, which one are you looking forward to reading first?

They are also a perfect gift idea to go along with the items in this gift guide for book lovers



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Tuesday 29th of December 2020

Thanks so much for this list. Just what I needed right now. I like your honesty and enjoyed your shaming post as well! Although sometimes I do find myself feeling a little jealous of people who are able to jet everywhere.....back to needing the happiness post. LOL. Keep traveling and rocking you.


Tuesday 29th of December 2020

This was one of the nicest comments I have ever received, so thank you for that. I completely understand that and it's absolutely normal to feel that way, but know that sometimes the jetting around doesn't always come easy and for at least me - I make sure to share that part of it too.

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