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Here Is The Truth About Tieks

For the past 10 years or so there has been one brand of shoes that you can be sure to always find me wearing. The shoes are called Tieks and they are foldable ballet flats. Since they are pretty pricey I want to tell you the truth about Tieks before you invest in a pair.

Whether I am traveling or hanging out locally people frequently comment on my Tieks when they see me wearing them. After they find out the price, the next few questions I am usually asked are if they are really worth buying, where can you buy them and do they ever go on sale.

With so many questions surrounding these shoes, here is the truth about Tieks

What are Tieks shoes?

After many years of trying so many different flats, ranging in price from designer to budget friendly, I can confidently tell you the truth about Tieks. 

In case you aren’t familiar with Tieks, they are foldable, fashionable flats with a signature blue sole for support. The buttery soft leather practically forms to your feet. My favorite thing is they don’t pinch the back of your ankles or toes, like countless other flats I have tried in the past.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a shoe obsessed person I will always love my heels (especially since I am only 5’2″), but I have such a soft spot for the perfect pair of flats.

The versatility, comfort, style and ease of Tieks just can’t be beat. I love wearing Tieks with practically everything in my closet including dresses, leggings, jeans and more.

Fuschia Tieks

Are Tieks really worth the price?

A pair of Tieks shoes start at $175.00. There are certain styles and prints that cost even more. Now depending on your budget, I know that may sound expensive, but Tieks are absolutely worth the price.  

Tieks are known for making feet feel comfortable plus stylish no matter where you go, whether it’s walking the streets of Paris or playing around in Disney World.

From the moment I purchased and received my very first pair of Tieks (I have since built up quite a collection) I was hooked. Tieks come in such classy packaging along with a personalized, handwritten note. They also offer free shipping and returns on all purchases.

I was very impressed after I received my first pair and they didn’t fit. Tieks customer service immediately shipped out another pair (at no cost) in the next size up so I could compare both pairs.

Once I figured out the right size to buy, since I am a half-size and Tieks only run in whole sizes, I shipped back one of the pairs (for free). Nothing like getting excellent customer service from a company who stands by their product.

plaid Tieks ballet flats

Another thing that had me instantly hooked on Tieks was how many things fit into one little box. 

Along with your beautiful pair of Tieks you will also receive:

  1. Large blue bag, which you can use to store your other shoes before you switch into your comfy Tieks.
  2. Personalized, handwritten note.
  3. Small black drawstring pouch so you can fold your Tieks up and carry them with you wherever you want.
  4. A faux flower on an elastic to hold all of your goodies inside of the Tieks signature blue box.

So the truth about Tieks is… they are fabulous!

If you love to travel, like I do, then even better is that they are perfectly portable and definitely need to be included in your must have travel essentials


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.