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How To Have A Virtual Tea Party

I was looking through old photos recently — which is a great activity to do if you are stuck in the house — when I came across some pictures of my Dad and me. Seeing our smiles reminded me of how close we always were, especially before he moved. One of his daily routines, which I adapted way back in my teens, always involved sitting down to relax throughout the day with a hot cup of tea. Since we can no longer enjoy our tea together in person, I decided to create a virtual tea party

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What is served at a tea party?

One of my favorite childhood memories is the weekly tea parties my Dad and I used to have. I would gather up some stuffed animals to join in, my dad would make the tea and bring some snacks.

I can still picture my dad pulling out his variety box of tea for us to choose a flavor from. His favorite kind always was (and still is) Constant Comment

So, what kind of foods are served at a tea party?

  • a variety of finger sandwiches (egg salad, chicken salad, cucumber)
  • soup
  • cheese and crackers
  • scones 
  • muffins
  • sweet treats (Madeleines, cupcakes, rice krispie pops, my favorite tea cookies)

Delicious light snacks are perfect foods to serve during a tea party.

Mug for tea and snacks

I missed these parties and thought it would be a fun idea to bring them back (sort of). A creative way to connect with not only my dad but other family and friends too.

Especially since travel ruined my life by introducing me to people all over the world.

Having virtual tea parties has been an awesome way to continue our tea party tradition, even now that we live far apart and don’t get to see each other as often as we would like. 

Top view of young female hands holding cup of coffee while working her project

How To Have A Virtual Tea Party

  • Pick up your favorite kind of tea and grab a fun mug that you love to drink out of. I purchased a few boxes of tea to be sent directly to my Dad’s house to surprise him the first time we had a virtual tea party. 
  • Next, figure out who you want to invite to your virtual tea party. You can have a one-on-one or group virtual party via platforms like FaceTime, BeLive or Zoom. I invited my Dad of course, but I have done these with my kids, especially when I am away traveling and they are home and also some of my friends who don’t live nearby. 
  • Pick a date and send an invite. My Dad and I picked to have weekly virtual tea parties on Sunday evenings. Then we could catch up on the previous week. Some of my friends like to have them during the week as a great way to check-in, feel happier and to find a little balance if it’s been a crazy day. 
  • When it is time for your virtual tea party, brew up a steaming mug of tea, grab your snacks and connect! My Dad and I always use FaceTime (that’s his preference) but you can pick any method of video chatting that works for you and your tea party guest(s) as I shared above. Make it even more exciting by playing some virtual party games for kids and adults too! 

virtual tea party with my Dad

Luckily there are so many ways now to connect, whether you are on a vacation at home or it’s simply not safe or healthy to travel, and have a tea party right now in person.  

If you haven’t already had one, put virtual tea parties on your bucket list or digital vision board now and let me know who is the first person you would want to invite. 


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