5 Tips For When You Lose Your Balance In Life

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Recently my family and I spent a weekend at the Pocono Mountains. I often talk about not needing to go far in order to travel and this was a perfect example. The Poconos are less than an hour and a half away, but it was a much needed getaway to try and regain some balance in life.

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We went to an amusement park, had bonfires, visited the lake and hiked. Speaking of hiking, we decided to explore Boulder Field, which dates back 20,000 years and is a gigantic field of boulders.

I noticed that everyone out there seemed to easily navigate the large boulders, while I just kept losing my balance. At one point I started laughing at the irony of how rocky my life has been while I kept falling around the rocks.

Lately I’ve lost my balance in life and I can’t seem to get it back. 

What Does It Mean To Have Balance In Your Life?

I wish I had the right answer for this question.

I think it means to have defined goals/priorities, a clear mind, making time for self care, connecting positively with others and not feeling pulled in any one particular direction. Maybe it starts with having an effective plan each day

The two words that immediately come to mind when I think of balance are happiness and fulfilled. 

Have You Ever Lost Yourself Along The Way?

I can fully admit that 2019 for me was the opposite of balance, instead it was a complete roller coaster ride and I am so ready to get off and onto solid ground.

Remember how I told you about the truth behind my smile?

Over the last few days I have cried over things in the past, current stuff going on in my life and even about what the  future may or may not hold for me and my family.

Much like I fumbled over those boulders, I have been fumbling through life and it is such an uneasy feeling. 

Why Is Balance Important?

Mostly because when your life feels out of balance it can start to affect your health, overall well being, work and even your relationships. Ask me how I know…

With so many distractions, options, opinions and shiny objects (as Brene Brown would say) around every corner in life, finding some semblance of balance can almost feel elusive, but I am currently holding on to the hope that all is not lost. 

For anyone else out there who feels like you have lost your balance in life, and things are a bit rocky, you aren’t alone.

5 tips for when you lose balance in life:

1. Unplug

Disconnect to try and reconnect with yourself again. Read books that encourage happiness, create a vision board, take a walk, spend quality time with family, have a virtual tea party with a friend. 

2. Prioritize

Make a daily or weekly to do list with attainable goals. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t accomplish it all and make sure to celebrate what you do get done.

3. Declutter

I notice when my home and office area are cluttered and unorganized, so am I. Here’s a free printable to help declutter your life now

4. Travel

I know I said before that travel has ruined my life, but getting away and gaining a new perspective on things is a healthy way to bring some balance back into your life.

Create a travel bucket list full of things from long weekend getaways to International travel and more to help guide and inspire you. 

5. Positivity

Steer clear of negative people and practice a positive mindset. Start a gratitude journal and make it a point to write down at least 3 things you are grateful for each day. 



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