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I Think I Want A Divorce

My husband and I had a pretty big argument recently. I won’t go into details, but we actually still don’t see eye to eye on a few things and I guess we will have to agree to disagree for now. To be completely honest with you the words I think I want a divorce floated around in my head more than ever in our relationship.

My mind has been spinning over how to handle things, while also trying to keep my emotions in check, because it recently hit me just how tough marriage, parenting and also adulting can be, especially now since we have all been stuck at home together lately. 

Have you ever thought about getting a divorce?

Marriage is Tough 

Currently, I am wishing I could take back all the times growing up when I said I couldn’t wait to be an adult. The weight of grown-up responsibilities some days feels overwhelming and I have actually lost my balance in life way too often these days. 

More recently my mind has wandered back to the days when the kids were smaller and we both had big dreams of traveling the world together or at least moving somewhere new to explore and set roots in a new place with our family.

Now it seems like those days are so far away and clouded over by careers, bills, schedules, responsibilities, kids, dogs and more.

The person who taught me to step outside my hometown of Philadelphia, throw caution to the wind and travel, has become the more sensible one in our relationship over these years and would now rather vacation at home or take virtual tours of the world. 

He says it’s not easy living with a person who has extreme wanderlust, will jump on a plane spontaneously — the minute she finds cheap airfare — and yet constantly talks about how travel has ruined her life

Blended family in Washington D.C.

When To Divorce (or not)

There are times I feel like we have grown apart and I selfishly think I want a divorce, then I realize the severity of my thoughts. I look around at the life we have created together and the memories that have been made.

All of the things we have been through together, along with the family we have built, have shaped who we have become and trickled down to rub off on the people we are raising.

Each October we celebrate our marriage and I admit there are days I can’t believe someone has put up with me for that long.

Someone who consistently shows up.

Someone who never cares about his own wants and needs, but supports my hopes, dreams, disappointments, failures, frustrations and wins.

In the future, if the words I think I want a divorce start to seep into my head again, I will try to remember that when I asked my daughter what her favorite story is with a happy ending, she said ours.

Our blended family at the beach

Have you ever contemplated divorce, especially now that it’s not very safe or healthy to travel and getaway?

How have you handled those thoughts and rough times?






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Lily Ashley militaryfamof8

Saturday 13th of October 2018

This marriage thing is hard, we are about to hit 20 years and those words creep up in my head during every big argument. Lucky for him I havent gone through with them lol!


Sunday 14th of October 2018

You are so right. This marriage thing is definitely hard and it takes work, but its worth it.

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