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Do you love to read, have a lot of bookworms in your life, or know someone who would appreciate a few unique book related accessories? Between birthdays, holidays and more coming up I have lots of great ideas when it comes to favorite gifts for book lovers.      

Since I am a long time avid reader and my kids are too, we often have books on the brain. There is a wide variety of options that are perfect for women, men, teens and even kids. 

So you can encourage a wonderful habit like reading while giving something that is unique and thoughtful, take a look at the best gifts for book lovers on Amazon (as well as a few other online stores too).

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What is the best gift for a book lover?

When you think about what are the best gifts for book lovers or even a writers gift, many people would probably say a book, journal, bookstore gift card or maybe even an e-reader.

But what if you have no idea what genre of books someone likes or if they already have a particular book?

To help you think a little more outside the box, especially if you don’t know where to start when it comes to buying gifts for writers and readers, you definitely need to check out this easily shoppable list I put together for you.

There is everything from graphic tees to led lights and even a couple of cool bookmarks (similar to these cool magnetic ones).

As a person who travels frequently, including long weekend getaways, trips to Europe to explore these places for free, Disney World and a variety of other locations, the best gifts for book lovers are one that are portable and fit right into your carry-on luggage, along with all of these other must have travel essentials.   

So what do you give a book lover?

I suggest that if you really want to give a book lover an actual reading gift that you start with either of these two book lists:

  • 15 Best Travel Books That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust- once you have been bitten by the travel bug, sign up for my newsletter (at the bottom of this post), to be instantly directed to a free travel resource page where you can download an incredible travel checklist.
  • How To Be Happier Thanks To This Book List – these books will encourage and motivate you. If you need a little more inspiration then you will definitely want to look into creating a digital vision board for the new year. 

18 Best Gifts for Book Lovers 

One of my favorite parts about this list is that most of these book themed accessories can be easily purchased on Amazon, and they are all pretty budget friendly.

This makes it really simple to buy any of these gifts, just like these gifts for Disney lovers of all ages, even last minute.


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