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7 Carry On Travel Essentials You Need to Pack

Are you team carry on or check luggage when you travel? One of my top recommendations when it comes to travel is to carry on your luggage whenever possible. Not only does carrying on help you get into and out of the airport, cruise ship, car or train faster, but it also makes travel more manageable. To help make this possible there are some carry on travel essentials you should know about. 

People ask how my family and I can go on vacations, everything from long weekend getaways to a two-week Disney World plus Disney Cruise trip, with only our carry on luggage (yes we actually did that).

Even for as much as I love fashion, shoes and accessories, I am definitely of the less is more mentality when it comes to traveling. Let me share with you my favorite 7 carry on travel essentials you need to pack, which will help make your trips easier. 

Have you ever brought too many things on a trip and ended up not wearing half of it? That used to be the story of my travel life.

Overpacking is a travel mistake I often see people make and I want to help you change that, so you don’t lug around unnecessary items.

What should I put in my carry on bag?

Are you wondering what exactly you should put in your carry on bag to help streamline your next trip? Here are 7 essentials to pack:

1. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to fit more into your luggage, keep your clothes organized and also less wrinkled when traveling.

Packing cubes are Carry On Travel Essentials

2. Great Carry on Luggage That Can Fit Way More Than You Think

I have used this same carry on luggage for almost two years now and it has taken me everywhere from Paris to Santa Barbara, Disney World, Amsterdam and many more places around the world.

I have been able to pack for a two week trip, complete with enough clothes, accessories, hair tools and even 5 pairs of shoes, with still room to spare. Plus, the quality and durability of this suitcase is amazing!

Ogio carry on rolling suitcase makes for one of the best carry on travel essentials

3. Compact Laundry Bag

A compact laundry bag is a must-have travel item because then you can keep your dirty laundry separated, while still in the same bag, from your clean clothes.

This is perfect for trips when you have to move hotels and are visiting multiple places.

Laundry bag for the best Carry On Travel Essentials

4. TSA Approved Clear Toiletry Bag

Make getting through airport security a breeze thanks to this TSA clear toiletry bag. This bag is waterproof, strong and made from a durable material that will not tear easily.

Fit all your liquid containers easily in this bag, then inside your carry on without worrying about leaks.

TSA approved clear toiletry bag

5. Portable Travel Shoe Bags

I have to admit in the past I have wrapped plastic bags around my shoes when traveling so they don’t touch my clothes in the carry on, until I found these shoe bags. These bags are made of a high quality fabric and even have a drawstring.

I love that they make transporting my Frye boots, Tieks, booties, sandals and more a breeze.

Portable shoe travel bags

6. Waterproof Cosmetic Bag That Also Double as a Bathroom Storage Carry Case

This foldable, portable, waterproof bag and storage case, ensures that even the smallest of my beauty items doesn’t slip out when traveling.

There is also a built in zipper pocket and a hook design to save space.

Waterproof makeup bag and storage case are some of the best carry on travel essentials.

7. Portable Luggage System – Large Packable Hanging Travel Shelves and Organizer

This luggage accessory set not only saves up to 30% of the available space in your suitcase, but it also saves you time from having to unpack.

You simply pack the system right into your carry on, and since it collapses and expands, you can pull it out of your luggage and hang it up when you arrive.

Portabel luggage system for the best Carry On Travel Essentials

These carry on travel essentials are some of my favorite and most used items, along with the things on this list of must have International travel essentials, as well as gifts for travel lovers.

If you need any help actually figuring out what clothes to bring on your next trip, check out what to pack when traveling for a weekend.


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