The Best Gifts All Disney Lovers Will Want

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Are you a fan of all things Disney or know someone who is? Do you love giving gifts? Well I have the perfect combination with these unique ideas when it comes to giving gifts for Disney lovers of all ages.      

My family and I are all pretty much obsessed with the magic of Disney and want to hold on to it long after we have left the parks, like I am sure many of you do too. That is why there is a wide variety of gift ideas here that are perfect Disney gifts for adults, teens and of course kids. 

So you can surprise a Disney addict or add a new one to the family, while giving a gift that is fun yet useful too, you won’t want to miss this list of 27 best gifts all Disney lovers will want. My favorite part is you can easily shop them all right online.  

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So what do you get a Disney lover?

Well honestly the perfect gift (in my opinion), which isn’t included on this list as it is a very pricey one, would be an annual pass to the Disney Parks. Then you could experience the magic as much as you want to, even including the surprising Disney activities

But in order to keep this list of Disney gifts, which include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Disney Princess themed items affordable and more realistic, you won’t find that type of gift here (sorry).

Instead you will find Disney themed gifts including a plush robe, Mickey cheese board, luggage tags (which would be perfect for travel even if you NEVER EVER visit Disney World), beauty items, a welcome mat and more. 

If you really want to get creative you can print out this complete Disney World rides list or Disney scavenger hunt to include with your gift, or simply sign up here to receive a free printable map of the US to track your travels

27 Gifts for Disney lovers27 Gifts for Disney lovers

27 Gifts for Disney Lovers



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