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15 Best Leggings For Women To Be Casually Cute

Admittedly (and I’m not even sorry about it), but I own probably way too many leggings. First, it started because I was on the hunt for the best black leggings. Once I found them years ago, I was hooked. With so many available options, especially when it comes to style, size and durability, it can be hard to determine what the best leggings for women actually are.

So you don’t have to waste your money and time, I did the research already (don’t worry it was fun), to provide you with the only leggings you need to be confident and casually cute, comfy or even workout ready! 

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What brand of leggings are the best?

Now, there’s a lot of leggings for women to choose from, but only certain brands you’ll want to buy over and over again.

My top two favorites, which might be known more for being the best workout leggings for women, are just as perfect for lounging around, working from home or going out in. They are Lululemon leggings and Spanx leggings — get 15% off your first order.

When I wear them, I’m not sure what’s better — the compliments or comfort.

If you haven’t tried either brand, both are a bit pricey, but total quality, which makes them so worth it. My best advice is to care for them properly and they’ll look good as new for many years. 

Don’t worry, this list has some great budget-friendly legging options too.

women in striped leggings with sneakers

How do you wear leggings every day?

I don’t care what anyone says, but leggings and athleisure wear are definitely staple wardrobe pieces. They can be worn daily! Leggings are the best kind of pants because they can be worn with basically anything. 

When it comes to styling your leggings every day, I suggest wearing them with a basic tee and top it with a pullover sweatshirt or even a denim jacket.

For shoes, pair your leggings with sneakers, ballet flats, sandals or even booties — when you really want to amp up your athleisure wear. 

Switch up your look often with a leggings outfit that includes:

  • long
  • ankle length 
  • cropped 
  • joggers (I practically live in these type of leggings/pants) 
  • high-waisted
  • midi
  • moto 

Leggings also make the perfect travel essential. It’s easy to pack multiple pairs into a carry-on and they can be mixed and matched to make different outfits, especially for a long weekend getaway.

best leggings for women Spanx faux leather moto

How can I make my leggings last longer?

After you check out this list of the best leggings for women and become just as obsessed with them as I am, you’ll need to know how to make them last longer.

Here are some tips that will help extend the life of your leggings and activewear:

  • First, always check the care label on your leggings. 
  • Wash leggings separately from your other clothing (I wash mine on gentle)
  • Turn leggings inside out when washing them (this is super important when it comes to any of the Spanx faux leather leggings)
  • Wash in cold water, on gentle cycle and don’t use fabric softener
  • Hang leggings to dry vs. putting them in the dryer. They won’t shrink and you can preserve their shape.

15 Best Leggings For Women

Although we might be currently stuck on what seems like the longest vacation at home ever, this is the time to practice your casual lounging style, with some of these best leggings for women.



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