How To Protect Teens Eyes From Screen Time

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Last year I noticed my teenage son started getting headaches, especially in the evening. I should have realized it sooner, but between the computer, smartphone and gaming devices, his eyes were suffering. Besides taking all electronics away (good luck), do you know how to protect teens eyes from screen time? Since they are becoming more and more tech savvy each day, their eyesight needs to be a priority, just like the rest of their health. Thanks to EyePromise for sponsoring this post so I can share how to naturally defend plus support kids and teens vision. 

Do you know that 69% of kids/teens screen time usage is unavoidable?

I can attest to this fact as my almost 15 year old son pretty much has to do all of his homework online. He even gets emails from his teacher and checks his grades right from his smartphone.

All of this screen time can put a strain on their eyes. 

teenage boy smartphone screen timeteenage boy smartphone screen time

Protect Teens Eyes From Screen Time

EyePromise Screen Shield Protect Eyes EyePromise Screen Shield Protect Eyes

EyePromise Screen Shield Teen is a new way I am excited to tell you about.

  • This fruit punch flavored chewable vitamin for eyes is created from natural sources, gluten free and safe for children as young as 4 to use. Screen Shield Teen was designed to support your teen’s vision from the inside out. My son simply takes one each day right along with his daily vitamin each morning. This gives me more peace of mind now when I see my son texting, gaming or online. 
  • Have your teen take regular breaks from their electronics. I know teens will only become more immersed within the digital age, but make sure they step away from it at times too so they can give their eyes a break and chance to refocus.
  • Prioritize your teen’s eye health. This is so important, especially as there could be effects due to excess blue light from computers and phones. Between regular eye exams, breaks from tech and Screen Shield Teen, you can protect teens vision against tired eyes, headaches and eye strain. 
  • Encourage your teens to eat nutrient rich foods with Lutein, which supports better eye health. I was happy to know that Screen Shield Teen is made with both Zeaxanthin and Lutein. Have you ever heard of Zeaxanthin? I learned it is a super antioxidant and key nutrient that protects vision. This way you can focus on giving your teens what they need most. 

Teenager gaming Teenager gaming

What will you do to help protect teens eyes from screen time

I promise, along with the help of EyePromise Screen Shield Teen, to keep focusing on making every day better for my kids, especially when it comes to their vision. 

Learn more about how to protect your children’s eyes from this mother AND doctor. And keep in mind, your kids are far more likely to do as YOU DO, than do as YOU SAY when it comes to screen time. Learn a few tips to be the best role model for them. We’d like to give $5 off your first purchase of Screen Shield Teen here, by using coupon code EPSSTCL.




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