Creative Ways to Vacation at Home Right Now

What would you do if your kids were suddenly out of school and home for an extended period of time? Also, how about if your vacation plans were cancelled or postponed? I have some ideas for creative and exciting ways you can vacation at home, instead of feeling stressed, overwhelmed or bored.  This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you make a purchase at NO additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting this site! What should I do on vacation at home? Now, I know vacations can be a much needed getaway, but … Read more


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Here Are 6 Awesome Weekend Getaways from NYC

Road trips are one of our family’s favorite ways to travel. This may sound a bit cliched, but I always feel like a road trip gives people a chance to reconnect and strengthen bonds with each other. Now don’t get me wrong, I know there can be disagreements along the drive, but the memories made are well worth it. Here are 6 ideas for family weekend getaways from NYC, which will help you explore and learn about some new places.  Where is a good weekend getaway? For a good long weekend getaway, you could take a quick trip somewhere within … Read more


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Horseshoe Bend Arizona and How To Experience It

Last summer my family and I took a road trip from Colorado to Arizona. When we originally planned our trip one of the top places we wanted to visit was Horseshoe Bend Arizona. For as many times as I visit Arizona each year, that has been one of the main spots on my bucket list along with Glen Canyon, yet it kept escaping me. When our road trip got rerouted and I missed seeing Horseshoe Bend, again, I was so disappointed. You can probably imagine my excitement when I received a unique sponsored trip invite from Aramark. The invite was to be … Read more


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5 Reasons To Stay At The Marriott San Juan

Where should you go when it’s time to take your next beautiful, affordable, family-friendly vacation? A top suggestion of mine is always the Marriott San Juan in Puerto Rico. The island of Puerto Rico is the perfect vacation destination, and if you want an excellent resort there, I have 5 reasons to share why the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino is the best place to stay. </p> Where is the best area to stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico?  The Condado Beach area is one of the most highly recommended places for people to stay when visiting San Juan. It’s a centrally … Read more


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9 Unique Ways To Visit Disney On A Budget

Disney World. Even just hearing those two words has the instant ability to make me feel like a kid all over again. Despite all of the places in the world we have traveled to, my family and I always have the most magical time in Disney World. Wanting to keep making those magical memories is what keeps people coming back to the Disney Parks over and over again, but that can get pricey. One of the top things people ask or search for when planning a Disney trip are budget-friendly tips. I have 9 unique tips for visiting Disney on a … Read more


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4 Reasons You Should NEVER EVER Visit Disney World

Listen closely because I am finally ready to share my thoughts on the real truth behind why you should NEVER EVER visit Disney World. Yes, you heard me right, I am saying STAY AWAY from the happiest place on Earth. People ask me why my family and I visit Disney World so often and sometimes I feel like sarcastically answering that question with “because its such an awful place,” but I don’t. Instead I go on and on and on sharing about all of the magical moments, memories and experiences Disney World has provided for myself, my family and friends. Whether you are on … Read more


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Here Are 5 Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Getaways

Spending time with family and friends is definitely a great way to ring in the new year, so what about family friendly New Year’s Eve getaways?  This year why not mix in a little spontaneous travel excitement by taking your New Year’s Eve celebration on the road and celebrating at a destination that is fun for the whole family.  There are many destinations both near and far that you  Here are 5 family friendly New Year’s Eve getaways that are perfect for families with kids of any age. What can families do on New Years Eve? 5 Family Friendly New … Read more


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How To Spend 3 Days in Puerto Rico With Kids

Have you ever thought about going on a vacation to a beautiful island like Puerto Rico with kids? Since my kids were little (they are 15 and 9 now), we have visited San Juan, Puerto Rico at least once a year. They have been some of our very best family vacations. Usually when we travel here we stay about 3-4 days. Now, people may think it’s too rushed to spend 4 days in Puerto Rico with kids, but I promise you can have lots of fun in the sun. Let me show you why this destination is one of our family’s … Read more


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Top 4 Things To Do On A Disney Cruise

Do you and your family love to travel and create new memories throughout the world together? What about a great love for all things Disney? Since my family and I are frequent visitors of Disney World, about 6 years ago we decided to literally take the plunge and combine our loves of traveling and Disney and take our first Disney Cruise. From before we even set sail we quickly rdiscovered that Disney Cruises have something for everyone. They also have impeccable service, spacious staterooms, excellent food, plus the cleanest ships around. With so many events, activities and places to explore, both … Read more


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Cheap Broadway Tickets And How To Get Them

One of the best things about living right outside of Philadelphia is how close we are to New York City. I have had an ongoing love affair with the city that never sleeps since I was a little girl. My family and I often take road trips or hop on the train to spend the weekend or even a day exploring New York and its nearby boroughs. We love any chance we get to take in a Broadway show, but they can be pricey. During a recent trip to the city we scored really cheap Broadway tickets last minute and I … Read more


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