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We all work hard at making sure our families are healthy, but have you also considered your indoor air quality? Invisible intruders inside your home, like allergens, dust mites, pet dander and mold can cause health and wellness problems. One of the best ways to make sure you and your family are breathing healthy air at home is with a home air purifier. Thanks to Aprilaire for sponsoring this post so I can share 4 surprising reasons every home needs an air purifier. 

Spring is here and although I am happy for spring cleaning, warmer days ahead plus the sunshine, I am not excited for the pollen, dust and allergens to arrive in full force. 

In the past when it was springtime my family and I would just accept the fact that we have to deal with itchy watery eyes, runny noses, sore throats and more annoying allergy symptoms, both inside and out of the house. Not this year though…

kids allergy seasonkids allergy season

This was the first spring we had our Aprilaire Allergy + Pet HEPA Air Purifier and it made such a noticeable difference in the health of my family, as well as trapping pet hair from our two labradoodles and dust.

The room air purifier takes only minutes to setup, can be moved around the house and offers up to 495 square feet of pet dander removal.

We currently have it in our living room/dining room/kitchen area and it works perfectly in that space. 

Aprilaire room air purifier Aprilaire room air purifier

Do air purifiers really work?

Per the EPA, indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental risks to your health. In fact, the air inside your home may be the most polluted air you breathe (crazy but true).

Aprilaire offers whole home or room air purifiers to fit a wide variety of spaces. The one thing they have in common is that they all work hard at protecting your family’s health by trapping harmful particles found right within your home while reducing airborne pollutants.

My favorite part is that their air purifiers offer peace of mind, since they are 98% effective at removing particles to keep my family (including the doodleshealthy and happy as we breathe in fresh, clean air

Why You Need a Home Air Purifier

Here are 4 surprising reasons: 

  1. Reduce Odors – there are lots of things that contribute to odors within your home, some of which aren’t pleasant. Aprilaire air purifiers have filters built in that remove cooking and pet odors (I will get back to you on the teenage boy smells), so instead of holding your breath from bad scents at home, you can breathe deep knowing the air is clean. 
  2. Less Cleaning – this is always a goal of mine and I’m sure it is for most other people too. Do you know that about 40,000 dust mites can live in just one ounce of dust? Aprilaire can help you fight back at those particles causing harm to your health and well being. Surprise! That means less cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, which leaves more time for you to do the things you love. 
  3. Healthier Home – the most important reason (in my opinion) why an air purifier is needed in your home. There are things you can’t see in your home, like bacteria, that could affect your family’s health. Let yourself and your family breathe easier and healthier with one of Aprilaire’s whole home or room air purifiers
  4. Air Quality You Can Actually See – Wouldn’t you actually like to know what the quality of air is that you are breathing at home? With Smart Mode on the Aprilaire Allergy + Pet9550 you can see the allergen levels in a particular room. How? There is a light bar on the air purifier that changes color. The light moves from red to yellow to green as the air quality improves. Green means your family can breathe fresh, healthy, clean air while enjoying your home without worry. 

Room air purifier Room air purifier

Aprilaire home air purifierAprilaire home air purifier

I hate admitting this but I didn’t realize how many things could be hiding within the air in your home. It wasn’t until once we got a home air purifier that I could actually see and feel the difference.

Breathing healthy air is so important for your respiratory health, sleep hygiene, and long term health. Let Aprilaire and it’s wonderful line up of products help you enjoy clean air everywhere. 





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