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Teen Bonding in Disney World The Best Ways

If you have a Disney World vacation coming up, then you probably have a lot of planning to do.  Maybe you’ve been there before and are already familiar with all the thought and strategizing that goes into one of these trips.  However things change.  Even if you have your system down pat, kids get older, interests evolve and before you know it you have a completely different situation on your hands. 

Teens especially can be hard to predict when it comes to a Disney vacation.  If you are hoping to do some teen bonding in Disney World, then take these tips in order to get more connected during your vacation.


Involve Teens in the Planning

Planning trips with teens doesn’t have to stink. The best thing is to involve your teen in the vacation from start to finish.  Find out what they get excited about and run with it.  Anything from resort themes to rides and attractions to their favorite Disney park. 

Even if you think you know what teens favorite activities are, they just might surprise you.  How do I know? Because they are teens!

crowded Disney Park Magic Kingdom

Go Outside the Disney Bubble

Some of you already do this and for others, you might not have ever even considered it; but with a teen in the mix it’s time to weigh your options. 

It may be a good idea to leave the magic of Disney World behind for a day or two and see what Universal Studios or even Islands of Adventure has to offer. I know it sounds crazy, but some of the attractions skew a little bit more in teens’ favor and you might just have a ton more fun together then if you didn’t go.

We surprised our teen with a trip to Universal for his 13th birthday and even though Disney is his first love, we had a fun filled and memorable time riding all of the thrill rides. 

Universal Studios Florida Citywalk

Stay Out Late

Another way your vacation schedule might change when traveling with a teen, is the hours you keep.  Your teen may be more interested in staying out late and luckily there are late night and after hours events that are age appropriate. 

Disney Springs is also a great place to explore with teens, especially later in the evening after a day at the parks. If you have an adventurous teen, then the Aerophile would definitely be a fun hot air balloon experience

A good way to do your bond with your teen in Disney World is to adjust your sleep schedule.  You’ll have more fun together and avoid fighting about getting up in the morning or your teen taking too-long showers.  Tension like that could put a strain on your ability to connect with your teen over a shared experience.

Disney Springs Aerophile Ride To Bond With Your Teen In Disney World

Visit a Water Park

There are two water parks that even if you’ve been to Disney World dozens of times, you still may have never visited.  Although Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are family parks, they are definitely more fun for teens and young adults.

Do you know this surprising thing about Typhoon Lagoon, which would be perfect for teens? 

If you have younger kids there are specific sections just for them, too. Visiting the Disney Water Parks are definitely a win for everybody.

Disney World Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Photo credit: (Disney)

Have a Spa Day

Resort hopping is one of the best ways to spend some leisurely time at Disney World, and some of the resorts offer luxurious spa treatments. Visit the Grand Floridian or Saratoga Springs for a spa day, or try out a health club or fitness center together. 

You could even head over to the Disney Boardwalk and rent bikes to ride around and get in some exercise. It all depends on what your teen is interested in, but these are great ways to spend quality time together.

Teen Bonding in Disney World Can Be Easy to Do

Believe me, I know that parenting a teen isn’t always easy, but bonding with your teen doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. 

Try and focus on being open to opportunities, and not making assumptions, besides assuming that your teen will absolutely want to take this type of Disney Adventure someday soon.   

Egyptian pyramids Adventures by Disney 2020

(Kent Phillips, photographer)

The truth is, your teens might just want to enjoy all the delicious Disney foods and snacks, participate in a scavenger hunt, or see how many fastpasses they can use in a single day. 

I have the perfect printable Disney rides list so you and your teen can check off how much teen bonding in Disney World fun you can accomplish together, or how many times you can ride Expedition Everest. 

Expedition Everest in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Game on!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.