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How To Have A Disney World Scavenger Hunt at Home

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If you have ever visited the Disney Parks then you are probably already familiar with the rides, attractions, characters, food and more. But, do you know how to have a scavenger hunt at Disney World – at home?

A vacation scavenger hunt, especially in the most magical place on earth, is a fun plus also free thing to do for all ages. Now you can even do it virtually. 

The best part is you don’t need to download any Disney scavenger hunt app to participate because I have a free scavenger hunt printable for you.   

I often have Disney on the brain, even more so since my daughter recently came back from a surprise trip there after visiting Galaxy’s Edge.

Also, I was supposed to be in Disney World 2 weeks ago for the Disney Dreamers Academy, but it’s currently not safe or healthy to travel (insert very big sad face).

Remember, Disney World is the place I told you before to NEVER EVER visit?

Even though Disney has alL the magic built right in (did you see this ultimate rides checklist?), that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of your own excitement and surprising activities to the Disney Parks.

How To Have a Scavenger Hunt at Disney World

Have you ever done a scavenger hunt? 

Scavenger hunts are basically fun, creative ways to explore for free.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to walk around the parks while searching for things like a secret doorway, a Walt Disney quote, or a live animal?

I recently shared about strategies to have the best experience when the Disney Parks are crowded, but I forgot to include this unique one.

Make even more memories and pass the time while waiting in lines, or during a vacation at home, with these Disney scavenger hunt ideas

What I love most, besides this being a free activity (especially since I am always looking for ways to save when traveling), is that no matter how many times you have visited Disney, or even if it’s it your first time, anyone can participate.

This is something that everyone can do together. It makes for a great bonding activity to do with teens at Disney World, or a free activity for teenagers at home. 

How to have a scavenger hunt at Disney World (or right at home):

  • First download and print here: Disney World Scavenger Hunt Printable (print multiple copies to hand out if you want to have some friendly competition).
  • Grab a pen, pencil, marker or crayon. 
  • Search for the items on the list online or in your home, and as you find each item take a picture, screenshot or simply check it off. 
  • You get 5 points for each of the Disney related things you find on the list. (Perfect time to stock up on some gifts for Disney lovers so you can find your scavenger hunt items faster!)
  • Challenge yourself or others to see who can find all the items and rack up the most points first!

Guess what else this Disney World scavenger hunt is perfect for?

Keeping kids entertained and happy — for FREE!

That alone is a priceless thing, especially when traveling with kids, or when they are bored at home.  

Disney Park crowd and Pluto at Magic Kingdom

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Thinking about planning a future Disney adventure or Disney Cruise?

I have some great budget friendly Disney travel tips for when you are ready to book. 

Please leave a comment or feel free to tag me on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) if you use this scavenger hunt printable so I can see how you did!



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