How To Easily Create A Digital Vision Board

A few years ago, I was sitting at my desk (supposed to be working) but instead I was daydreaming. I thought about all things I wanted to accomplish that year, but for some reason or another they just didn’t happen. That exact moment is when my digital vision board was born.  Instead of simply wishing for things I dreamed about to happen, I decided to hold myself more accountable. That meant by not only working harder, but also manifesting and envisioning my goals (both personal and professional).  Since I do most things online and wanted constant access to my dreams, I … Read more


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How To Help Kids Create A Vision Board Online

This post was sponsored by Amazon as part of an Ambassador Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Do you or your kids have a vision board? One of the things that really helped me focus and reach some big goals over the last few years, has been creating a vision board online. This year my 8 year old daughter loved helping me with my vision board so much that she wanted to make her own. Kids are never too young to dream big so I was excited to help. I asked her … Read more


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Virtual Vision Board and How to Create One

I’m not sure about you but I can’t believe that another year is quickly coming to an end. The older I get I feel like the years pass by in such a blur. In fact I blinked during the summer and my son turned 13 (yes I have a teenager) and my daughter turned 7. Recently I sat down with my family to talk about our plans for 2018. We decided that we would each write down our goals and wishes for the upcoming year. My thought was if we could actually see what we wanted for ourselves we might … Read more


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