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Top 4 Things To Do On A Disney Cruise

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Do you and your family love to travel and create new memories throughout the world together? What about a great love for all things Disney? Since my family and I are frequent visitors of Disney World, about 6 years ago we decided to literally take the plunge and combine our loves of traveling and Disney and take our first Disney Cruise.

From before we even set sail we quickly rdiscovered that Disney Cruises have something for everyone. They also have impeccable service, spacious staterooms, excellent food, plus the cleanest ships around. With so many events, activities and places to explore, both on and off the ship, what are some things you should definitely do?

What Are The Top 4 Things To Do While On A Disney Cruise?

What Are The Top 4 Things To Do While On A Disney Cruise?

What Are The Top 4 Things To Do While On A Disney Cruise?

After vacationing a few times on the unique and spectacular Disney Cruise ships, there are some things I want to share with you. This will help ensure a magical and memorable cruise experience.

Here Are My Tips To Answer The Question, What Are The Top 4 Things To Do While On A Disney Cruise?

1. Download The Disney Cruise Line Navigator App

Before you even step onto the Disney Cruise ship you will want to make sure to download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App. This app will be your very best friend while enjoying your time on the Disney Cruise.

You will  get to see what is happening on the ship every minute of the day.

Save your favorite activities in a convenient list, find character experience locations, see what the drink of the day is, virtually explore the ship and so much more!

The Disney Cruise Line Navigator App’s Onboard Chat Feature makes it simple to stay in touch with family and friends that may be on different parts of the ship.

2. Bring Some Pirate Themed Clothing and Accessories.

This tip is one that our family was not informed of when we took our very first Disney Cruise and wish we had known. You definitely do not want to show up to the party without your pirate booty.

Every Disney Cruise ship hosts a Pirate Night, complete with a Pirates In The Caribbean Themed Deck Party and even fireworks! Check out my friend Christine from Moms ‘N Charge article “All About Pirate Night and Fireworks on Disney Cruise Lines”.

Much like everything else Disney does, Pirate Night while sailing the high seas on the Disney Cruise is an exciting, not to be missed event. Mostly all Disney Cruise guests will be wearing pirate themed clothing, along with the bandanna your mousekeeper will leave in your stateroom earlier that day.

Who knows, you may even get lucky and catch Captain Jack wandering around the ship like I did.

3. Make a Reservation and Enjoy a Fantastic Brunch or Dinner at Palo.

I promise you will regret it if you miss out on the incredible culinary experience that is Palo. Palo is an adults only restaurant, so send the kids off to one of the amazing youth clubs and enjoy some kid-free time.

My husband and I have enjoyed both brunch and dinner at Palo and they are equally delicious. From the service to the food to the ambiance, you will still be dreaming about your time at Palo long after you have gotten off of the ship.

Don’t forget to bring a nicer outfit if you plan to dine at Palo as they require a more dressy attire.

4. Do Not Miss Out on the Nightly Disney Cruise Line Broadway- caliber, Disney-themed Live Shows.

My family and I were blown away each night after dinner (or before dinner, depending on your dinnertime seating) with just how amazing each show was. I was absolutely mesmerized by each show every night and my family just wanted to see more. You honestly forget for a little while that you are on a cruise ship. Instead you feel like you are watching a Disney themed play right on Broadway.

What Are The Top 4 Things To Do While On A Disney Cruise?

What Are The Top 4 Things To Do While On A Disney Cruise?

What Are The Top 4 Things To Do While On A Disney Cruise?

Have you ever experienced a Disney Cruise?

The first Disney Cruise my family and I went on was a short one, 4 days and 3 nights. There were so many things we wanted to do but unfortunately we couldn’t fit it all in because honestly Disney knows how to keep the party going all day and night long. We booked our next cruise, which was for a week-long, while we were still on our first cruise because it was honestly that magical.

Have you ever experienced a Disney Cruise? Now that you know what are the top 4 things to do on a Disney Cruise, you need to include it on your travel bucket list.

What Are The Top 4 Things To Do While On A Disney Cruise?




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These are great ideas I would have never thought of. Thanks for sharing!

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I hear so many great things about Disney cruises. These are great tips you share for first timers. Hopefully we have a chance to take one in the future! Stopping by from SITS Sharefest.


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Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you get a chance to go on one someday.