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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of spring? Besides getting to say goodbye to winter, my spring cleaning list is what I usually think about. Last year I even prepared a KonMari style free spring cleaning checklist to try and help people stay organized.

Since I know decluttering can feel a little overwhelming, I decided to help you lessen the load by breaking the spring cleaning tips up into a 31-day spring cleaning challenge!

Are you ready to learn how to clean your house in only 15-30 minutes each day? 

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What is included in a spring cleaning?

A good spring cleaning list should pretty much encompass the whole house. After a long winter filled with staycations and virtual travel (especially here in PA) it finally feels so good to deep clean and air out the home. 

You want to make sure not to neglect things like baseboards, blinds, windows, light fixtures and ceiling fans too. 

Unrecognizable woman with cleaning equipment ready to clean house. Unrecognizable woman with cleaning equipment ready to clean house.

31-Day Declutter Challenge

  • Day 1: Tidy up your home. It’s hard to clean your home if you have clutter lying around the house. Use this first day to pick up your house and clear of all your surfaces!
  • Day 2: Today we’re starting in the kitchen. Remove items from the counters and give your countertops a deep clean (I love this cleaner). 
  • Day 3: Open up the kitchen cabinets and take everything out. Wipe them down then sort through the items. Don’t forget about under the kitchen sink!
  • Day 4: Empty your fridge, freezer and pantry. Get rid of any expired food items or anything you won’t eat. Take inventory of what you have and put things back. If your shelves are a little dirty, take this time to clean them.
  • Day 5: Today it’s time to declutter your bathroom. Remove everything from your counters and drawers. Go through your items and keep only what you need. Organize your makeup and toiletries too. Repeat this if you have more than one bathroom. 
  • Day 6: Now that the bathrooms are clutter-free, it’s time to deep clean them! Start by spraying down your shower and toilet bowl, then work your way around the bathroom until you have cleaned it top to bottom. Again, repeat this if you have more than one bathroom. Give all the good vibes with this bathmat
  • Day 7: Today it’s time to focus on your bedroom. Open up the windows and let the fresh air in. Wipe down all the surfaces in your bedroom, clean the window tracks and really get into the nooks and crannies in this space. 
  • Day 8: Time to tackle the children’s bedrooms. Even better, get them involved to help out! Repeat the day 7 tasks to deep clean their room.
  • Day 9: Let’s refresh that guest bedroom! (If you don’t have one, then take a day to rest or read a book to help you feel happier.) Open up the windows and get rid of the stale air. Open up the closet and drawers to make sure guests actually have room to put their items. Give these a good wipe down as well.
  • Day 10: Catch up day. Use this day to catch up on any days you may have missed.
  • Day 11: Today we are going to do a 100 item purge! Find 100 items in your home to get rid of today. This sounds like a lot, but you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can reach 100 items.  
  • Day 12: Next up is to declutter the living room. Start by giving the room a good dusting (I love Swiffer best for this), then wipe down any surfaces that need it. Don’t forget to tackle areas like the couch (between those cushions), your TV stand and anywhere else that needs a good clean.
  • Day 13: We are going to separate the garage into two parts since this could possibly be a large project. Start by just de-cluttering your garage.
  • Day 14: It’s day 2 of the garage cleaning! Focus on tidying up your garage and getting it organized. Get some great garage organization tools to help you really clean up.
  • Day 15: Today’s focus is on the attic or basement. If you don’t have either, use this time to tackle more clutter in your home!

What is the difference between a spring clean and a deep clean?

A deep clean is when you are scrubbing those areas filled with grime and dirt that you maybe only tackle once or twice a year (like behind the large appliances). 

Spring cleaning is when you not only focus on having a clean house, but a lot of organizing and decluttering happen. 

Keep up the great work on this spring cleaning list, because you are already halfway through the challenge!

Spring cleaning wooden background. Spring cleaning wooden background.

  • Day 16: Focus on your closets today! Time to organize clothes, shoes and accessories too. This should be closets such as your coat closet and your linen closet. Sort through them, declutter, donate things if you can and then go back and give them a good clean. 
  • Day 17: It’s time to tackle your child’s play area. Start by decluttering and sorting any toys they may have outgrown or no longer play with. Then it’s time to clean up and organize this space!
  • Day 18: You can’t forget about the dining room. This place needs a good dusting and a good scrubbing of the surfaces!
  • Day 19: Today it’s time for a 50 item purge! Find 50 items in your home to get rid of today.
  • Day 20: Catch up day. Use this day to catch up on any days you may have missed.
  • Day 21: It’s time to focus on your patio, backyard or outdoor storage area. If you don’t have any of these areas, focus your efforts on ridding your home of any clutter that might still be around.
  • Day 22: It’s time to tackle your entryways! These can be hallways or any spaces that connect your rooms.
  • Day 23: Today we are going to focus on your front porch! This area is the first thing your guests will see when they come into your home. Add a new doormat to really make your home feel welcome for spring. 
  • Day 24: Focus on the windows today. Get out your glass cleaner and get those windows sparkling clean!
  • Day 25: Use today to clean all of your doorknobs, light switches and wipe down your fan blades.
  • Day 26: Remove all the sheets from your beds, and switch up your throw pillows (I love travel inspired throw pillow covers). Spend today washing the sheets then re-making the beds with fresh clean linens.
  • Day 27: Clean all of the light fixtures plus light switches in your home.
  • Day 28: Wipe down the baseboards in your home. Depending on how bad they are, you may need to take your vacuum to them. 
  • Day 29: Sweep all the floors today to get rid of any loose dirt that may have been lingering in your home.
  • Day 30: Vacuum all the floors of your home today.
  • Day 31: Clean all of the floors of your home today, especially the hardwood flooring

Cropped image of woman in jeans using a vacuum cleaner while cleaning her houseCropped image of woman in jeans using a vacuum cleaner while cleaning her house

How do you start spring cleaning?

We know this might seem like a lot of work, but if you break it down into these easy to do tasks by day, the cleaning load will definitely feel a lot lighter. 

To get started and make it a successful experience save and print out the above spring cleaning list

After you are finished, please make sure to celebrate and congratulate yourself for finishing the 31-day spring cleaning challenge, then relax in your clean and clutter free home!



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