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How to Quickly Cure Your Hangover

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Recover from your hangover quicker than ever with these essential tips! You’ll be right back to your old self in no time at all. 

Celebrate Without Fear of Hangovers

Wouldn’t you love to know how to quickly cure your next hangover?

Before I dive into how to quickly cure your next hangover, I would first like to wish everyone happy holidays and sending love for a safe, successful and happy New Year! My family and I are so fortunate to be able to celebrate and ring each New Year with some wonderful friends.

With the holidays coming up that can often mean a lot of celebrating, which can possibly mean some champagne and cocktails (cheers).

Friends clinking drinks together in celebration

two glasses of champagne

Celebrating and having a few drinks always sounds like a fun idea at the time, but the older I get I notice that it becomes more difficult to recover from these “fun ideas” that can then turn into a hangover the next day.

Let me just be honest and say that there isn’t anything fun at all about a hangover. I think that I might get the spins just from thinking and writing about a hangover.

Now I know the ideal answer to how to quickly cure your next hangover would be to not drink at all, but if you do then make sure that you definitely do not overindulge.


With the holidays coming up that can mean a lot of celebrating, which could mean some champagne and cocktails. See how to quickly cure your next hangover.

How to Quickly Cure Your Next Hangover

So for those times that you find yourself overindulging a bit when it comes to your alcohol intake and you wake up with a hangover, I have decided to share my tried and true tips on how to quickly cure your next hangover.

I hope the next time you are celebrating and sipping champagne you can remember what I am about to tell you.

1. Go back to sleep.

This is the simplest tip I have for you on quickly curing a hangover.

Keeping your head down and still on the pillow with your eyes closed will help your body take the time it needs to naturally recuperate. 

2. Drip Drop hydration powder packets

DripDrop is loaded with electrolytes, including sodium, sugars, and potassium, that promote good hydration which enables your body to absorb water more quickly into the bloodstream and promote greater fluid retention.

*You simply mix a drip drop hydration powder packet with water and drink, which safely and effectively treats mild to moderate dehydration.

3. Excedrin

Take 2 Excedrin pills after you wake up with a hangover to very quickly cure it.

I keep Excedrin migraine at home and in my travel carry on, as it cures my migraines as well as any hangovers I have ever had in less than 30 minutes.

Sometimes that fast relief is needed when I have to get myself up and moving, or especially when I am traveling

4. Alka Seltzer Morning Relief

Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief is the first nationally available effervescent product that is promoted specifically as a hangover remedy.

Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief packs a maximum strength pain reliever and caffeine into a refreshing citrus effervescent product that is gentle on your stomach and gives you a burst of energy to get you going again after a hangover.

5. Do not overindulge when it comes to alcohol

This tip is a no brainer, but at times can be difficult to remember or adhere to when you are in the moment of those celebrations and fun times that I mentioned earlier.

As I said before, the older I get the more I remember just how rough hangovers can be, therefore I have learned over the years not to overindulge and know my limit when it comes to alcohol. *This tip works fabulously I have to say.

I hope you find my tips on how to quickly cure your next hangover helpful, especially with all of the holiday parties and celebrations coming up.

In case you are looking for some cocktail ideas (to drink in moderation of course), please check out my friend Sharon from Cupcakes & Cutlery recipes for fun and festive drinks you can create at home.


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Kristin g

Sunday 3rd of January 2016

Great tips! Hangovers are no fun.


Sunday 3rd of January 2016

Thanks for reading. Hangovers are definitely no fun!


Sunday 3rd of January 2016

Great tips! I wish I thought of these when I was still a party girl. Are you supposed to use all of the above at the same time?


Sunday 3rd of January 2016

Thank you for the comment. Hmmm I guess you could use them all at once for the ultimate hangover cure all!