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Antelope Canyon Tour and What You NEED To Know

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Last year I took a bucket list trip that I had been wishing for to Page, Arizona, courtesy of Aramark. We fit in so much exploring during our short time there. One of my favorite parts was going on an Antelope Canyon Tour. I had never gone on a slot canyon tour before, and it was even more incredible than I imagined it would be. After the tour was over I realized that there were things I wish I had known first. I want to share my experience and what you need to know so you can better prepared to truly enjoy the tour. 

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Antelope Canyon Tour

When our group first arrived at the convenience type of store to get our tour tickets, I had no idea what to expect. Next we hopped into a 4×4 teal blue truck which transported us in an exciting way to the opening of Antelope Canyon.

Once our tour guide gathered us all together and gave some important instructions, we were finally ready to see this incredible natural wonder.

Jeeps For Antelope Canyon Tour

The entire tour took about an hour and it was absolutely amazing.

Our Navajo Guide not only shared the history and geology of the canyon, but also about Navajo culture too. We appreciated our tour guide showing us all the best spots to take photos at inside the canyon.

I am in still in awe that the sculptured masterpieces we saw were created by wind and water over time.

Looking up at the sun streaming through the slot canyon.

Since it is fairly dark inside the canyon, it feels even more impressive when the sunlight shines through the slots. We visited on a sunny day in the early afternoon which seemed liked the perfect time.

The way the natural light shows off the variety of colors in the flowing rocks is truly beautiful.

Antelope Canyon Tour Views of the sun streaming through the slots

Slot Canyon Tour sun shining through

What You Need to Know Before Visiting 

Here are important tips to help you before you go on an antelope canyon tour:

  • Make sure you book your guided tour in advance. You CANNOT enter Antelope Canyon without a native Navajo Guide.
  • Don’t wear your best clothes or shoes (no Tieks), because you will get dusty and may get a little dirty.
  • I recommend wearing sneakers because you will be walking through sand the entire time.
  • The canyon has some tight passages.
  • Cameras are welcome but no tripods, monopods or selfie sticks.
  • You can’t take bags or purses of any kind in the canyon. Only a phone/camera and a travel water bottle.
  • Ask your tour guide to show you the best places to take pictures inside the canyon.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your guide to take some pictures with your phone or camera for you.
  • BEST TIP: if you have an iPhone change your camera setting to Vivid Warm for amazing pictures.

Why You Should Visit

Antelope Canyon has quickly become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the American Southwest. The rays of sunlight that enter through the slots of the canyon and make the walls glow in shades of red, orange and even purple are breathtaking.

Heart shaped rocks inside of Antelope Canyon

The guides are knowledgeable and you will be sure to leave with priceless photos to help you remember the feeling of this unforgettable experience. 

Remember that Antelope Canyon is a sacred site to the Navajo so please treat it with respect.

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