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I hope you have been preparing because the day has finally arrived. A day many Disney movie fans, including my own family, have waited a long time for. July 19th, which is the day that The Lion King movie (live-action) was finally released in theaters. My kids prepared by watching the original Lion King, listening to the new soundtrack and talking about their theories for this movie for months and now it’s time to celebrate. 

Can you believe the original, animated film came out in 1994? I was 14 years old, but I can still remember the emotions and excitement I felt after seeing it. Let’s also not forget listening to the soundtrack with the songs Circle of Life and Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John over and over again.

Hopefully this live action remake will evoke some of those same emotions, especially with its message. To celebrate and so your kids can be prepared, I have a free, printable Lion King characters crossword puzzle to share with you. 

What is the message of the Lion King?

One of my most favorite things about Disney’s The Lion King is the message. I hope the important messages of friendship, family, strength, bravery and courage are still as strong in this new live-action movie.

There are also some very meaningful quotes throughout the movie that will have you thinking about life, love and loyalty.

Were real animals used in Lion King 2019?

Believe it or not, especially since the film’s effects made them look so life like, but there were no real animals in The Lion King.  

The film took a bold stunning new leap in animation when it comes to depicting animals on screen and it could be a sign that in the future animals won’t be needed in film production. 

Simba on Pride Rock in the Lion King Simba on Pride Rock in the Lion King

Who are Simba’s friends?

There are lots of animal characters within The Lion King, but there are definitely some fun-loving ones like Simba’s friends.

Simba’s two best friends are Timon and Pumbaa. They are there beside him through thick and thin exploring the pride lands, helping him stay safe and also teaching him the meaning of Hakuna Matata.

Director Jon Favreau perfectly cast Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen as Simba’s dynamic duo buddies in the live action remake. 

Also, who could ever forget friend Nala, the love of Simba’s life. She eventually helps him rule over Pride Rock in the movie. 

Simba Lion King character Simba Lion King character

How can you celebrate The Lion King movie?

Celebrate this fun-loving, heartfelt movie with a free, kid-friendly, printable crossword puzzle.

Test your love for and knowledge of the movie by seeing if you can complete the puzzle (answer key is at the bottom). 

Simply download and print out this free crossword puzzle here as fun activity for kids to do while they are waiting for the movie to start, or even afterward to keep the excitement going. 

This free, printable crossword puzzle would make a great party favor, as well as these crafts too, especially if you are celebrating your birthday in Disney World, like my daughter did. 

The Lion King Movie Printable Crossword PuzzleThe Lion King Movie Printable Crossword Puzzle

Also, don’t forget to put the Festival of the Lion King, which is an incredible show in Animal Kingdom, on your must see list of things to do in Disney World, as another way to celebrate The Lion King movie.

You can easily keep track of all the rides and attractions within the Disney Parks, which is especially helpful on crowded days, thanks to this free Disney checklist

Did you see all of the Disney movies, including some more live action, slated to come out this year and even into 2020?

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

  • Down: 1. Zazu; 2. Rafiki; 3. PrideRock; 4. Mufasa
  • Across: 3. Pumbaa; 5. Scar; 6. Nala




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