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15 Top International Travel Essentials You Need

Do you travel internationally? Then you need to keep reading to learn about these must have international travel essentials.

Over the past couple of years my travels have shifted from the US and the Caribbean to a lot more international travel. In less than a year I visited 4 European countries (France, Netherlands, Italy and Spain) with no intentions on stopping. There is nothing more fulfilling to my wanderlust heart than exploring a new country and immersing myself in the culture.

Something that makes my travels easier is packing less so I can carry on my luggage instead of having large, bulky bags to deal with and check. 

So you can be well prepared for your next trip, I am sharing 15 fantastic and most useful international travel essentials you need to have.

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What do I need to bring to travel internationally? 

International travel isn’t always easy, and you want to make sure you stay healthy while traveling. You might be flying all day or all night long, there are time changes involved, possible layovers and often jet lag too.

Thanks to the cheap airfare prices I often find, it might be easier than you think to take some long weekend getaways.

A question I am often asked about traveling, especially when long flights are involved, is what to pack and bring to travel internationally.

Since I always only carry-on when traveling, my best travel essentials need to be compact, functional, inexpensive and maybe even a little stylish too.

They include everything from a compact steamer to memory cards for your DSLR (which you will definitely need with all the pictures you are sure to take).

These suitcases are carry on travel essentials

What should you never forget when traveling?

I made a big mistake the first time I traveled internationally and didn’t pack a worldwide travel adapter (now it’s the first thing I pack).

So that you don’t make some of the same mistakes I did I wanted to give you this list of the 15 best international travel essentials you need

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What essentials can I take on a plane?

As long as your travel essentials can fit into your carry-on and are TSA approved, feel free to take portable chargers, moisturizing skincare items, a blanket and more on a plane. 

One of the main goals, especially on a long international flight, is to make sure you are comfortable (I mean as comfortable as you can be inside an airplane).

Multitasking things, especially when it comes to your beauty travel essentials, are perfect for this type of travel. 

15 International Travel Essentials 

International Travel Essential Items

Now that you are all set for your first (or next) international trip, thanks to this list, where are you going to go?

I have so many places on my digital vision board, yet I have no idea where I want to explore next or what the future of travel holds. 

Sometimes I keep my travels to myself because of travel shaming (have you ever heard of that), and other times I can’t wait to share my adventures with the world.

Outside of the Colosseum in Rome

My main hope and goal for sharing these best international travel essentials is that I want to inspire people to pack their bags and take the trip.

Here is some travel inspiration to help you:



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