2019 Epcot Changes: New and Upcoming Attractions

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Epcot 2019 AttractionsEpcot 2019 Attractions

Epcot has been making headlines for the last couple of years and generating a lot of buzz among Disney fans. Despite a few recent adjustments, Epcot has gone largely unchanged since Norway was added as a pavilion in 1988. No additional pavilions have been built for World showcase, although some rumors persist this will happen soon.

Disney announced a new Pavilion, but it isn’t at all what you think. Huge 2019 Epcot changes have already begun. Anticipation grows as the show buildings for Ratatouille and Guardians of the Galaxy tease guests with their continuing construction. 

2019 Epcot Changes have already begun. Here are some things to look forward to, in the near future regarding Disney World's most unique park.2019 Epcot Changes have already begun. Here are some things to look forward to, in the near future regarding Disney World's most unique park.

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Here are the huge 2019 Epcot Changes: New and Upcoming Attractions to look forward to, in the meantime. 

Chinese Cotton Candy

You can now get those great, big, beautiful, colorful, and multilayered cotton candy flowers made famous in Youtube videos. These enormous edible sticks of sugary fluff come in up to five layers and are shaped into flower petals.

The vendor who makes them has his cotton candy maker in the back of the China Pavilion as part of the House of Good Fortune gift shop.

Beauty and the Beast Sing Along

If you love the Frozen Sing Along in Hollywood Studios, brace yourself because the France Pavilion in Epcot will soon have a Beauty and the Beast Sing Along. Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s most successful productions and its proved popular in Magic Kingdom in the form of Be Our Guest restaurant and Enchanted Tales with Belle.

Now we still don’t know if the new show will take after the animated film or the recent live action one (or the Broadway version for that matter). What we do know is that the show will not be replacing Impressions de France. 

New Green Spaces

Disney has reimagined the whole entrance to Epcot. Disney set plans into motion to create green spaces and more guest walkways.

The concept art shows much more green in place of the current Leave a Legacy monoliths, and even suggests the open area, buildings and breezeways beyond Spaceship Earth will be demolished in favor of a green space shrouded in trees. The etched Leave a Legacy photos will be moved outside the park. Club Cool may sadly be no more.

New Nighttime Show

After nearly a 20 year-long run, Illuminations “Reflections of Earth will be ending after this summer. October 1 is the rumored date that an all new nighttime fireworks spectacular will start. So far there is little known about the new show, but it is expected to use projection mapping and drones as well as plenty of Disney characters unlike its predecessor.

For as much as the tradition of Illuminations will be missed, the excitement is definitely building to see what’s next!

Epcot Changes IlluminationsEpcot Changes Illuminations

Play Pavilion

The most exciting piece of news is the old Wonders of Life Pavilion (Festival Center) will become a pavilion again. The new attraction house goes by the name Play Pavilion. Play Pavilion is described as an interactive city with a host of Disney characters involved. 

Fans speculate this is a replacement for inventions, which is conspicuously missing from concept art, although there has been no official announcement made about that yet.

The Play Pavilion is the third enhancement to Future World East, next to Guardians of the Galaxy and the new Restaurant coming to Mission Space.


Do you have a favorite Disney Park?

With all of the delicious foods, plus new and upcoming 2019 Epcot changes, this park has quickly moved to the top of my list. 

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