How To Get Healthy Hair Between Washes

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How often do you wash your hair, especially in the colder months? I discovered a line of hair care products, which showed me how to get healthy hair between washes. Yes, you read that right — healthy hair products that don’t involve actually washing your hair. 

Wintertime is here and that usually means lackluster, dry hair, and also hats, earmuffs and scarves to cramp your hairstyles. 

One of the main ways I try to combat this cycle and extend my style is by washing my hair less during the winter. This is especially helpful when I travel, so I don’t have to spend much time on my hair, which means more time to explore.

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How can I keep my hair healthy in winter? What is TRESemmé between washes?

If you want to know how to have healthy hair throughout the winter, check out the TRESemmé between washes collection. This collection lets you easily extend your style while showing off healthier hair this winter.

TRESemmé between washes is a super-affordable haircare line that allows you to increase the number of days you can go without washing your hair.

Don’t forget to also wear a silk scarf or sleep on a silk pillowcase at night to help eliminate frizz and breakage.

I love that these products work on a variety of hair types, including my mixed texture hair and my daughter’s beautiful curls. They are also a part of my best travel beauty essentials. 

Sounds perfect right?

healthy hair TRESemme road triphealthy hair TRESemme road trip

My daughter and I showing off healthy hairMy daughter and I showing off healthy hair

How do you use TRESemmé between washes?

The TRESemmé between washes collection includes 4 products that all have a unique role in showing you how to make your hair healthy, especially in winter and between washes. 

healthy hair TRESemme between washeshealthy hair TRESemme between washes

healthy hair TRESemme between washeshealthy hair TRESemme between washes

Achieving healthy hair this winter, without worrying about wet hair in the cold or daily blow-drying, is perfectly possible with help from the TRESemmé between washes products.

What are your favorite wintertime healthy hair tips?



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