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5 Simple Ways To Ease The Load of Laundry

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tide, Downy, and Bounce available at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

I am probably going to sound like my kids for a second here, but I really dislike having to do certain chores. There is one chore in particular that seems like even when it is finished it’s really never done…laundry. Between my family’s active lifestyle and my usually hectic travel schedule, it feels almost impossible to get it all done.

Thankfully I have found some convenient ways to ease the load of laundry, even if you are short on time, starting with some help from Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup.

Laundry can be overwhelming. Here are 5 simple ways to ease the load of laundry, thanks to some help from Walmart's Online Grocery Pickup Service.

Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Ease The Load of Laundry:

1. Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup

With my daughter’s horseback riding, my son’s sports and my husband playing hockey, there is extra laundry lately. There is hardly ever extra time though. I can stay stocked up on our favorite laundry products while lessening the load by using Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup.

Simply go to or download the Walmart Grocery app like I did, buy the full laundry regimen now by clicking here, select your pickup time, and check out! Once you receive the email that your order is ready, check in and head to Walmart.

Walmart Online Grocery Pickup

You will no longer have to carry around heavy containers, because once you arrive and park in a designated pickup spot a Walmart employee brings out your purchases. The best part is they even load them in your car for you.

My suggestion is to bring an empty laundry basket that they can put your items right into. This will help ease the load of carrying everything into the house.

Walmart Online Grocery Pickup

Simple Ways To Ease The Load of Laundry

2. Use a simple yet effective regimen of laundry products for the best results

Want to fight stains while keeping your family’s clothes clean and smelling fresh? Here is what I use:

    • Tide PODS®, available at Walmart, are new and improved, easy to use 4-in-1 laundry solution with concentrated Tide detergent, extra odor fighters and stain fighters along with built in pre-treaters. They are perfect for getting the dirt out of my daughter’s horseback riding clothes and the smell of sweat out of the boys’ workout clothes.
    • Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner protects and conditions clothes so they look newer longer.
    • Downy Unstopables gives your laundry up to 12 weeks of freshness (yes you heard me right, 12 weeks). There is a variety of scents to choose from and you simply add the beads to your washing machine before you put the clothes in.
    • Bounce helps fight static and wrinkles while your clothes are drying. I love adding a Bounce sheet inside our linen closet to keep towels and sheets smelling even more fresh.

We created a shelf in our laundry room to safely store all of the products, which really helps streamline our laundry days.

Simple Ways To Ease The Load of Laundry Products

3. Get the whole family involved

Instead of only one person doing all the laundry, lessen the load by getting everyone in the house involved.

Happiness for this mom is the fact that my teenage son is able to do his own laundry. Tide PODS® are perfect because he doesn’t have to measure anything. My husband and daughter help by getting the laundry out of the dryer and folding it all.

If more than one person pitches in, it can lighten the load which leaves time for doing things you actually want to do, like reading a book from start to finish for me.

Woman Reading

4. Don’t let the laundry pile up

To really ease the load of laundry, don’t let the dirty clothes, towels and more pile up over days. Instead, make things more manageable by tackling smaller loads every other day or so. When you don’t pack the dryer full, the clothes tend to dry faster.

5. Assign a laundry basket to each person in your home

Everyone in our house has their own laundry basket. Once the clothes are folded, fresh out of the dryer, they are separated and organized into the different laundry baskets.

Next, each person in the house picks up their basket full of clean clothes, puts them away then gets their empty basket back to the laundry room.

Have you tried Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup yet? Now that you know these 5 simple ways to ease the load of laundry, what will you do with the time you save?


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