Guess What Happened When I Traveled With My Teen?

Have you ever traveled with only one of your kids? One of my favorite ways to travel is to take one-on-one trips with my kids. I love the quality time, experience and creating unique memories together. I recently traveled with my 14 year old son to Amsterdam for a few days, and guess what happened when I traveled with my teen? Over the last couple of years life has brought a lot of changes to my already weird family. One of them being the bittersweet thing of my kids growing up in a big way. My daughter is 8 and … Read more


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Where You Need To Stay in Amsterdam

The most important thing to me whenever I travel, besides the destination, is what hotel or resort to choose. When my son and I were planning our trip last year, we wanted to figure out where to stay in Amsterdam that would give us the best experience, especially since it was the first time visiting there for both of us. Fortunately we both couldn’t have been happier with our hotel choice. From the location to the service, unique rooms, dining options and atmosphere, I want to tell you for the first time in Amsterdam where to stay, even if you are … Read more


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