Gaming Laptops and Why I Got My Teen One

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This post is sponsored by Intel, but opinions expressed are my own.

One of the things on my teenage son’s back to school wishlist this year was a laptop. Before we went out shopping I did a little research, along with suggestions from my teen, and we decided gaming laptops were the way to go. Besides using a laptop for school, my son loves to stream music and movies, plus he is an admitted gamer.  

Since I had no idea where to start, we checked out during their Intel® Gamer Days. Thankfully they made our search easy with their curated selection of gaming laptops at great price points too. With a 9th Generation Intel® Core™ processor, this laptop has the power to meet all of your gaming needs, and more: multitasking, streaming, and recording. Gaming laptops with 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processors help you do it all and then some without compromise. 

So you can score a great deal like we did I want to share some important things I learned about gaming laptops and why I got my teen one this year. 

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Whether you know it or not, gaming isn’t just a hobby (which my teenager loves to remind me of this). If you are a PC gaming fanatic then you already understand there is a whole social world that revolves around gaming. In the past gamers have had to sacrifice graphics and performance if they wanted a portable gaming desktop, but not anymore. 

Gaming laptops are definitely worth it, especially if you are catching some of these great deals at Intel recently launched a new set of high-end mobile processors which provide gamers with a desktop-like gaming experience, but in a laptop.

There is nothing better than performance plus portability, especially when it comes to taking your gaming wherever you go. 

My teen playing racing games on the ASUS ROG Gaming NotebookMy teen playing racing games on the ASUS ROG Gaming Notebook

What Is The Best Laptop For Gaming?

After going through the list of gaming laptops on for Intel® Gamer Days, my son I decided the ASUS ROG Gaming Notebook would be the best choice and also value because:

  • Who doesn’t want to feel like a winner, especially after a long week of school (or work)? One of my teen’s favorite things to do on the weekend is have his friends over, decompress a bit while having fun competing against each other in the latest games. Since the ASUS ROG STRIX Laptop 15.6″ provides such an impactful experience thanks to its speed, responsiveness and graphics,  you will no longer have to worry about your game being compromised. 

Gaming Laptops and my teenage sonGaming Laptops and my teenage son

  • Thanks to Intel®’s new line up of Core™ i5 processors you can multitask while you game, which is pretty impressive. No more games that quit on you or lag while you are playing because you might also be streaming music or downloading a movie at the same time. 

The best gaming laptops to getThe best gaming laptops to get

  • One of my son’s biggest complaints with other gaming devices was the lack of memory or taking hours to download a new game.  With the ASUS ROG Gaming Notebook you can add Intel® Optane™ memory to your system. This can help accelerate game launches and level loading. There is plenty of space to store your whole game library, downloads, school/work documents and more. Now you won’t have to spend time deleting games you want in order to make space. 

Gaming Laptops the one I bought my teenGaming Laptops the one I bought my teen

  • Let’s not forget that in order to be considered the best when it comes to gaming laptops, it must also be sleek and stylish. Our whole family was drawn to the ASUS ROG Gaming Notebook because of it’s Aura Sync on the new triple-edged light bar and 4-zone RGB keyboard. Customize the colors and effects to set the mood for an even more personalized experience whether you are working or playing. 

ASUS ROG Gaming Notebook at WalmartASUS ROG Gaming Notebook at Walmart

Time to accelerate and update to one of the powerful new gaming laptops right now at Intel® Gamer Days






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