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20 Adult Poptails For Yummy Summer Fun

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Summer is finally in full swing and I am excited, especially since it’s my favorite season. This means pool time, beach trips, barbecues, outdoor get togethers with my girlfriends and more. I wanted to find a delicious treat or even a cocktail to make and enjoy throughout the summer.

Recently I discovered something even better when we were at a restaurant listening to live music outside on their patio. They served adult poptails which were full of yummy summer fun! Adult poptails are also known as spiked popsicles, boozy pops, alcoholic popsicles, or even adult ice pops. There are such a variety of flavorful combinations, like these recipes for 20 adult poptails you can create right at home. Feel free to also turn these into mock poptails for kids or anyone who might not want the alcoholic version. 

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How long does it take for alcoholic popsicles to freeze?

So you can be properly prepared for cooling off and relaxing this summer, I want to tell you how long it takes for alcoholic popsicles to freeze. 

The easiest way is to use non stick popsicle molds and either the holders that are included, or wooden popsicle sticks (which I use).

Freeze the pops for a couple of hours (until they seem partially frozen) before you slide the stick in. For the perfect looking adult popsicles, the popsicle stick should stand on its own. Once it does put the popsicles back in the freezer until they are completely frozen. 

To easily remove the popsicles once they are frozen, briefly run the mold under warm water. 

20 Recipes For Alcoholic Popsicles 


Now that you have all of these poptails to create this summer, where will you enjoy them at? My favorite place might be while relaxing in a hammock and reading one of these books

I love that even Disney World has gotten in on the alcoholic popsicles action with buzz pop cocktails in Disney Springs and cocktail popsicles in Epcot

Cheers to yummy summer fun!


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Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

I ❤ summer too! My go-to drink us rum and coke; now I will have lots of adult popsicle. I will add this to my lessons earned.