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Where is The Best Place To Spend Spring Break?

Spring break season is here and one of the things I sometimes stress myself out about when it comes to family travel is figuring out where to go.

Does your family travel for Spring Break?

With so many destinations to choose from it can get overwhelming. Luckily Alamo Rent A Car has developed a fun way to help you figure out your spring break style, so you can decide where is the best place to spend spring break.

Spring break season is here and with so many destinations it can be overwhelming. Let me show you where is the best place to spend spring break.

My family and I always look so forward to spring break. In years past we have traveled to Puerto Rico for some beach fun and exploration, Boston to soak up some history, New York City for broadway shows and big apple excitement, the Poconos to have a snowy family adventure and much more.

One of our favorite ways to plan our spring break travel is to grab a map and we all pick out a few destinations we want to visit. The only problem is usually each family member wants to do something different, especially now that my son is 14 and my daughter is 8 (see here what happened when I traveled with my teen).

My husband would love to go on a National Park adventure or slot canyon tour, my son loves exploring big cities and my daughter and I are true island beach babes.

Despite our different interests, the one thing our family can usually agree on is we all like to have fun in the sun. Although figuring out where to go to make that happen can sometimes be a hassle.


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So where is the best place to spend spring break, and how can you figure it out stress free?

Alamo has a unique way to help you narrow down where to go for spring break.

They created a simple five question quiz which can help you identify your spring break style and tell you what kind of spring breaker you are. Depending on your answers you could be Born To Beach, Alpine Adventurer, Serenity Seeker, Urban Explorer or a Future Park Ranger.

One of my favorite things about the Alamo spring break quiz is that after you figure out your spring break style they offer destination ideas, travel guides and lots of trip inspiration.

But what if your quiz answers determine that your spring break style is you that you like to do it all?

No worries, that simply means that you are an All-Arounder and it doesn’t matter where you go for spring break vacation because you are sure to have a fabulous time.

Since our family’s quiz answers determined that we are an All-Arounder type of family, we decided our spring break travel would include a cruise, since there is truly something for everyone.

Where is The Best Place To Spend Spring Break?

If you want to still getaway for spring break, head over to Alamo’s site to take their quiz.

It’s time to start planning where YOU should travel to this year.

Take the quiz and leave a comment to let me know where is the best place to spend spring break based upon your style!

Where is The Best Place To Spend Spring Break?


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