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‘Tis Better to Give Than to Receive

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Hi friends!

Volunteer, Helping Others, Donating, Appreciation & Being Thankful.

I think about these words often, especially around the holidays, but it’s time for me to put my actions where my words are. If I would like my children to understand and appreciate those important words, then I will need to do a better job of leading by example.

Two of my son Reece’s friends, and their parents, have made me remember those words this year, as well as leading by example.

Reece’s friend Lilah had a birthday party this year where the gift request was donations of pet related items for a local animal shelter: All 4 Paws Rescue Inc.

This past Thanksgiving holiday Reece’s friend Kolten and his mom (my good friend Shelby), served two meals at a homeless shelter.

These are two important acts performed by kids which exemplify kindness and the importance of helping others. I think we could all stand to make sure that our kids, and ourselves as adults, demonstrate this more often (my family included). I never want my children to take anything for granted, because in life the tables can turn and life can often change (for the better or worse) overnight.

I asked Reece what he would like to ask Santa for this year and he said he’s really not sure because he can’t think of anything he needs. I was happy to hear this because we recently cleaned out his room and I felt so terrible as I realized the excess of items he had, some of which were never even played with or used! It pains me to think about the many people in the world who don’t even have basic necessities.

I encourage us all to show our kids life (in all of it’s glory & grit) outside of their own often sheltered worlds. I encourage us all this year to ask our kids what they can give or do for others, before asking what they want for themselves.

Here are just a few ideas on helping others:

All 4 Paws Rescue – Chester Springs

Good Samaritan Shelter

Safe Harbor of Chester County

Domestic Violence Center of Chester County

Montgomery County SPCA



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