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Tieks Makes This New Sweet Style

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I discovered Tieks ballet flats over 8 years ago, before my now 8 year-old daughter was even born. From the time she started walking my daughter has pretty much always had a fascination with my colorful Tieks collection. Throughout the years she has often asked when will Tieks make shoes for her size. I usually never have an answer until today when I discovered Tieks makes this new sweet style.

Tieks Makes This New Sweet Style

Tieks Makes This New Sweet Style

Introducing Little Miss Tieks

I was very excited to open up an email today introducing the fact that Tieks makes this new sweet style called Little Miss Tieks.

Finally, Tieks took their signature style, which I have loved for many years now, and created tiny sized Tieks for kids.

My daughter was all smiles when I met her as she got off the school bus and told her the good news. Now we can both leave our signature blueprints all over, especially when we travel and go on fun adventures together.

Tieks Makes This New Sweet Style

Two Sweet Styles

Little Miss Tieks were created in two sweet patent leather styles, Cotton Candy and Razzleberry.

I was certain my daughter would immediately choose Cotton Candy (to go with my Ballerina Pink Tieks), but she actually picked the bright and beautiful Razzleberry.

Little Miss Tieks come in kids sizes 7-2, so your favorite little girl can look stylish while keeping her feet comfy at the same time. Now I know these shoes aren’t cheap, but you can read here to find out whether or not Tieks are worth the price.

Tieks offers free shipping on all U.S. orders so my daughter’s soon-to-be newest favorite ballet flats should be arriving in only a few short days, since I splurged on these for her for back to school.

Stay tuned after my daughter’s Little Miss Tieks arrive so I can show you how I help her style them. In the meantime check out her 5 Fun Back To School Outfits For Girls here.

Tieks Makes This New Sweet Style





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Rebecca Warren

Friday 31st of August 2018

Loving the new kids line! I have a little Tieks girl in the making too and I know she is going to love hers as much as I love mine. Can't wait to see how you two style your mommy and me looks!


Saturday 1st of September 2018

I am such a huge fan of Tieks and I am excited that now my daughter can wear her own.