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Stay At Home Mom & Working Mom -Together!

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Hi friends!

I ran into a friend of mine at the supermarket the other day and we got to talking about being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) and being a working Mom. Not one versus the other, just both in their respective roles. Our conversation sparked some interesting thoughts and questions, so I definitely thought that it would be a great topic to blog about.

My friend recently decided to leave her full time job behind and delve into the world of “staying home”. I actually am not a big fan of the phrase “Stay At Home Mom”, because I know a good amount of them and they are hardly ever just “staying at home”. Instead, they are shuttling kids to and from school as well as after school activities, doctor and dentist appointments, performing housework, doing the laundry (which includes folding it all and putting it away!), grocery shopping (sometimes to multiple stores to get everyone in the house what they have requested!), volunteering their time (often at their children’s school), and then capping their day off by making sure their family gets fed a respectable dinner.

I am a “working Mom” and my daily day-to-day dance is similar to a Stay At Home Mom’s, especially since I have the luxury of being able to work from home some days.

My daily struggle comes into play, which I hope others out there can relate to, because besides having to make my family and home happy, I also have to keep my employer happy and satisfied with my work product (I’m exhausted just writing about it). By the end of some days I feel like I have been pulled at both ends like a tattered rope that has just been through a very rough game of tug-of-war (I know, I am dramatic)!

The common theme here is that both types of Moms do a lot of things throughout their days for many people besides themselves, oftentimes with very little thank you’s, good job’s or pats on the back. Both Moms at the end of their days are often exhausted and already have their mind set on autopilot for the next day.

I think that despite the different roles a SAHM and a working Mom may play in their respective lives, they can each possibly learn from one another’s stories and experiences. Maybe even provide tips from each of their own perspectives to help make another Mom’s day a little easier and load a little lighter.

One helpful tip that I got from my friend is that she cooks her meals for the week with a friend every Monday. They share the ingredient costs, make the meals together for their families, and then freeze them for the week.  This is brilliant, and would be such a timesaver for my family and I if we made our meals in advance. This would mean no scrambling around for me after work to try to put a healthy meal together, only to realize that I forgot to defrost something yet again, (fail)!

What are some tips, ideas or suggestions that you may have to help make any parent’s day a little more carefree, easy going and maybe even allow for some free time to ourselves?

We are all Super Mom!

We are all Super Moms!


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Wednesday 4th of December 2013

I am very grateful to the stay-at-home moms that spend countless hours volunteering at school or my child's sports organizations (Little league could not run with out those moms). The are 'working' to make my child's live a little better and I feel less guilty about being a working mom.


Wednesday 4th of December 2013

So very true Shelby! Both sets of Moms do so very much to make each day a successful one!


Wednesday 4th of December 2013

We always do a meal plan for the week and grocery shop for everything on Sunday. We even have a lunch plan typed out and hanging on the fridge! It makes packing the night before so much easier. We do a crockpot soup every Monday, which makes enough to freeze for the next week. I LOVE the idea of cooking with a friend :)


Wednesday 4th of December 2013

I like the list idea Jama. Seems that a lot of moms do lists! You definitely need to share some soup recipes with me!

Erin D

Wednesday 4th of December 2013

I can totally relate! I fall into both columns, since I work from home 4 days/week, and it is exhausting. The crock pot can mean the difference between an easy evening and a crazy one. I've also found that having even a tentative meal plan for the week written out can help things along. So on a Sun or Mon, I'll write some meal ideas out, and having a plan to go off of cuts out the wondering of what to make. You can adapt as the week goes on, but it's a good place to start!


Wednesday 4th of December 2013

Thank you for the comment & ideas Erin. Maybe I need to make a meal plan or schedule for the week to help me better. It's also time to break out my crock pot & put it to some good use. Even when I work from home, I still feel exhausted at the end of the day! I'm glad I'm not alone.