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Sometimes You Need To Drive To Clear Your Mind

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When I was growing up I used to always say how I couldn’t wait until I became an adult. I remember sitting in my room as a teenager and counting down the days until I had the freedom to make my own decisions so I could live life the way I wanted to. Those were the days when time seemed to almost drag on and I thought I knew it all.

Now that I have about 20 years of adulthood under my belt and my own family, life seems to only have one speed, fast forward.

The problem is I can’t ever seem to pause it.

Somedays I wish I could bottle up the good moments and hold them tightly in my hand. I yearn for unlimited time so I can savor my family’s positive experiences in life instead of them quickly becoming a memory.

My kids (almost 14 and 8) are growing up and changing each and every second it seems. Believe me, I have tried to keep my eyes wide open ever since becoming a parent, but unfortunately I keep making the mistake of blinking. Blinking is the equivalent of another year of their lives passing by in the short time it takes for my eyelids to flutter shut.

Lately I feel unsettled.

I keep trying to grasp and hold onto the time, but the hours, days, months, and years keep on quickly slipping through my fingers. My chubby cheeked son who used to scream if I wasn’t in his eyesight has now been replaced by a teenager, a young man.

A young man whom I can now look in the eye.

A young man whose crooked smile has been replaced by a perfectly straight and much more expensive one.

A young man who likes to sleep in, play sports, hang out with his friends, engage in hours of Fortnite and sends me texts complete with emojis, as he is often not around.

I can’t even put into words the anxiety I feel when thinking in about four short years my son will be graduating from high school. The boy who made me a mother and is my person in life will soon be catapulted into the world of adulthood. The same world I use to long for as a child. The same world that as an adult I struggle at times with being a productive part of, as tough as that is for me to admit. When I start to feel this way, the only thing that seems to help is to get in my car and drive. Sometimes you need to drive to clear your mind.

Sometimes You Need To Drive To Clear Your Mind

Whether it’s a long or short drive, slipping behind the wheel and into the luxurious leather seats of my Kia Sorento instantly makes me feel welcome. I can start to feel the fog clear from mind and my anxiety dissolve as soon as the rays from the sun filter through the panoramic sunroof.

The Kia Sorento makes me feel like we are old friends with the way it knows exactly how I like my seat, plus automatically connects to my phone via bluetooth. The winter blues start to melt away and I can actually escape, even in the snow, thanks to the Sorento’s all wheel drive, heated seats plus heating steering wheel.

I love that the Sorento has room for up to 7 people comfortably as well as storage, for the days I want to take the whole family including the Doodles, on my clear my mind drives.

Sometimes You Need To Drive To Clear Your Mind

Sometimes You Need To Drive To Clear Your Mind

Sometimes You Need To Drive To Clear Your Mind

Normally I take these drives solo so I can blast my favorite music and sing loudly, but not these days. These days I have found that yes, sometimes you need to drive to clear your mind, but the drive is much more satisfying when I have my family with me.

I may not have found a way to make time stand still, but I think I have found a way to help my anxiety subside and keep my family, especially the elusive teenager closer to me, right inside the cozy confines of the Kia Sorento.

My mind is clearer after our family drives.

My kids often jump into their own row in the Sorento, unplug in the car and talk with me about whatever is on their minds. These are the times I crave the most these days.

Sometimes you need to drive to clear your mind, stop time and hold onto your family a little tighter.

What do you like to do when you need to clear your mind?

Sometimes You Need To Drive To Clear Your Mind

Clarissa Explains It All is a Kia Partner. Kia has supplied me with a long-term loan for the Kia Sorento so I can bring you real life stories. All thoughts and opinions expressed are genuine and unbiased.



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Houseful Of Nicholes

Saturday 14th of April 2018

Drives are a huge part of keeping me sane. HUGE!


Saturday 14th of April 2018

I couldn't agree more. I love watching your Soulful conversations!


Tuesday 3rd of April 2018

I can totally relate to this feeling. Watching my 13 grow up in the blink of an eye is overwhelming sometimes and sometimes it takes a good, long drive to clear my thoughts. Plus it helps when the car is as sharp as that Kia!


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

Isn't it such a bittersweet feeling to watch your kids grow up? It definitely makes life a bit easier in this vehicle.