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Sweet Chili Chicken Shu Mai Soup Recipe


Hi Friends!

Today I have a warm, yummy and slightly spicy recipe to share with you. This tangy bowl of goodness is called Sweet Chili Soup with Chicken Shu Mai.

Sweet Chili Soup with Chicken Shu Mai

Sweet Chili Soup with Chicken Shu Mai

The recipe calls for: 1 quart of chicken broth, 1/2 bottle of sweet chili sauce (use 1/4 cup if you would like less spice), 1/2 cup of soyaki, and 1 package (box) of chicken shu mai.  



– Heat together the chicken broth, sweet chili sauce and the soyaki.

– Add the chicken shu mai and cook until its heated through. (I like my soup hot!)

– Then serve into bowls and enjoy as this soup warms you up and fills your belly!

I made the soup this afternoon and it took about 2 minutes to put together and then about 30 minutes to heat the way I like my soup (hot!). Very minimal time was spent in my kitchen for a delicious soup that my whole family enjoyed (I gave my kids a slightly less spicy version).

Soup finished cooking

Soup finished cooking

This is a simple and yummy recipe that I will definitely be making time and time again. You can even make it more exciting by garnishing with scallions and serving with wonton chips.

Please let me know what you think if you try out this recipe. Let me know if you made any changes to it, or if you enjoyed it just  the way that my family did.

Soup Glorious Soup!

Soup Glorious Soup!




Hi Friends!

Today in my opinion is the second most exciting day in the NFL – next to the Super Bowl. These are the last two NFL playoff games, and after today the world will know what two elite NFL teams have separated themselves from the rest in order to make it to Super Bowl XLVIII (let’s go Patriots!)

Since my family and I will be glued to the tv for most of the afternoon and evening, I started thinking about what snacks I could create in order to make our football watching even more fun.

One of mine and my husband’s favorite things to eat when watching football (or really any time for that matter), are buffalo wings. I decided to look for a twist on buffalo wings – since they can be so messy – which is when I came across Haylie Duff’s buffalo chicken dip for the boys recipe from her The Real Girl’s Kitchen cookbook.

This recipe makes a very yummy dip that will keep your guests happy and satisfied. – It even calls for fat free cream cheese, and if you use a little more chicken, you will have a snack that is protein rich!


– half of an 8 oz fat free cream cheese

– 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

– 1 rotisserie chicken (I picked up an already made one from Wegmans)

– 1/2 cup of franks red hot

– 1/2 packet of dry ranch dressing seasoning or 1/4 cup of ranch (the dry packet really rocks!!)

– 1 cup of chopped celery

– 1/4 cup of chopped green onion

How to make:

– Pre-heat over to 375 degrees.

– Wash your hands!

– Using your fingers pull the chicken off the bone. Removing any bones or yucky parts. Some people like the skin, you can choose to take it or leave it.

– In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. Mix, and transfer in to a oven safe dish. Bake for about 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and mix again. You should repeat until the mixture is nice and blended.

– Serve your dip with some Tostitos scoops and enjoy the football games today as well as your yummy snack!

Ingredients for Buffalo Chicken Dip
Ingredients for Buffalo Chicken Dip


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