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*This is a sponsored post.

BodyArmor Super Drink

When you play sports and work out as hard as my little athlete does, you need to make sure that you stay super hydrated, while at the same time refueling your body the proper way.

BODYARMOR is a PREMIUM SPORTS DRINK that is packed with electrolytes, vitamins, coconut water, natural flavors, colors and sweeteners. One of the things that I really love and feel great about my whole family drinking BODYARMOR is that it includes coconut water as one of its ingredients. Coconut water is very naturally hydrating and healthy.

I have recently been recommending BODYARMOR SuperDrink to parents of children on my son’s sports teams for many reasons such as:

1. low in sodium

2. does not contain anything artificial  

3. no caffeine 

4. gluten free

5. nut free

6. no preservatives

7. BODYARMOR comes in 7 delicious flavors.

With a flavor list that includes: strawberry banana, lemon lime, fruit punch, orange mango, mixed berry and grape, there is a BODYARMOR SuperDrink that everyone will love. BODYARMOUR SuperDrink will quickly become the go-to drink for super hydration.


No wonder that top athletes like Kobe Bryant, Skylar Diggins, James Harden, Mike Trout and Andrew Luck have all decided to upgrade their sports drink to BODYARMOR SuperDrink.

BODYARMOR can be purchased at stores such as Target, WAWA and Wegmans, as well as purchased online via their website.

Which BODYARMOR flavor will you choose?

Which BODYARMOR flavor will you choose? 


Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids


Hi Friends!

The holidays are here, and gift giving time is quickly approaching, so I thought I would share with you some of my top holiday gift ideas for kids.

I was lucky enough last month to have the opportunity to attend the fabulous Mom Mixer event, which was held at the beautiful and very fun Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The Mom Mixer is the brainchild of two fabulous ladies,  Whitney of (Mommies With Style) and Colleen of (ClassyMommy). This was my second time attending a Mom Mixer and it was full of lots of learning about new products, especially toys for kids, gift ideas and FUN!

Some of the fabulous brands that were in attendance at the Mom Mixer were: Stride Rite (my go-to place for kids shoes), Just Play, CVS, Spaghetti Headz – These are pretty amazing for any age to add a little color, fun and flair to hair. You just simply twist some hair around a soft spiral in seconds to add a fun new look. They even have all kinds of charms that you can add for even more hair fun!

Spaghetti Headz

Spaghetti Headz

Wicked Cool Toys, The Amazing Zhus

Amazing Zhus

Amazing Zhus

WOW Cup and many more!

As myself and my friend Jama (who attended the Mom Mixer with me), both have 4 year old children, we were very excited to learn about some of the latest and greatest toys, especially with the holidays coming up. Please take a look at my photo collage of some of my favorite products from the Mom Mixer: Doodle Monster (*also comes in a Doodle Bear – your child can have fun writing, drawing and stamping all over the plush Monster or Bear, with the included special pens, and then you just throw the plush into the washing machine to clean off and start the fun all over againStride Rite Haylie, Wicked Cool ToysCat Paw, Care Bears (now brighter and in various sizes!), Amazing Zhus (they have Magician Pets and Stunt Pets, and they are actually pretty amazing!), and Puppy Surprise (this is a toy that has been brought back from my youth and has some pretty awesome updates!)

Mom Mixer Fun!

Mom Mixer Fun!

I was lucky enough to be able to bring home some of these cool products from the Mom Mixer, and thanks to Just Play, I was able to surprise my daughter with her very own Puppy Surprise – Popcorn!




The big “surprise” inside of these plush adorable animals velcro tummies is how many puppies are in there (each one has either 3, 4, or 5 puppies and no two Puppy Surprises are the same!) My whole family got in on the guessing game fun of how many puppies Popcorn would have, as my daughter excitedly opened up the velcro. Can you guess???

Popcorn and her 5 puppies

Popcorn and her 5 puppies

Now, there are a few more holiday gift ideas for kids that were not at the Mom Mixer, but I am extremely excited about: Vtech Innotab Max (right now their site has some great deals on this tablet and bundle packages); Leap TVthe educational, active video gaming system designed for kids 3-8 (my daughter is getting this for Xmas and I am super excited to watch her play this!); Littlest Live Pets (how cute are these interactive little birds?); FurReal Friends (my daughter is getting the Get Up and GoGo My Walkin’ Pet Pup, as she loves dogs, but we don’t have one.)

I hope that these gift ideas help you on your shopping path this holiday.

Please share and let me know what other items your kids are wishing for this season.

Happy shopping!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.