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Mix Prints For Fashionable Fun

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Frames in a Posh Room Orignaux Moose via Compfight

Mix prints because its fashionable fun!

Mixing prints in the fashion department, is it a do or a don’t? I say GO FOR IT, because mixing your prints can lead to fashionable fun!

Fashion can be exciting yet overwhelming at the same time.

Are there rules? If so, what are the rules to “nailing it” in the fashion department?

My number one personal fashion rule has always been to NOT dress according to trends, but dress in what makes you feel most confident and comfortable. My second most favorite fashion tip is to mix your prints. You do not always have to be matchy matchy (yes I used those words), instead be unique and set your own fashion trends.

I love mixing polka dots and stripes, various bright colors and plaids, floral prints with leopard print and so much more.

Just yesterday I wore a fashion print mashup of stripes, polka dots and leopard prints. It felt creative and fun! Mix Prints for Fashionable Fun

Mix Prints for Fashionable Fun


Even if you think that you might be fashion challenged, start by taking a shopping trip right in your very own closet and pull out all of your printed clothing and just starting mixing them up. You will quickly find that you can create some interesting outfit combinations, and it might actually be fun!

I was getting ready for work the other day and knew that I wanted to wear this new plaid button down shirt, but it was chilly and the shirt is sleeveless, so I checked out my blazer selection and threw on my favorite polka dot one for a cool, creative print mix. Mix Prints for Fashionable Fun

One of my favorite places to shop for some fun fashion finds is Modcloth. They are a unique online store that offers new clothing, shoes and accessory finds daily.

*Warning* please don’t blame me if this site becomes your newest obsession once you check it out!

What are some of your favorite prints to mix and match?  Do you think that print mixing is a do or a don’t? Let me know in the comments below.


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