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The Best Ways You Can Practice Medication Safety

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Do you know that Saturday, October 27th is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day? Hearing that got me thinking about the massive opioid crisis that plagues many families. Sometimes when unused or expired medications are disposed of the result can be negative. There could be damage to the environment, drug diversion or even drug abuse. I’m helping bring awareness to medication safety in hopes of reducing these issues by sharing tips on the best ways you can practice medication safety.


Recently I read that 62% of teens, who admit taking medication for non-medical reasons, say they get drugs from medicine cabinets in their own homes (Source: National Survey on Drug Use and Health, SAMHSA). That is a scary and eye-opening statistic, especially as the parent of a teen. Ever since my kids were little we have had ongoing and honest conversations about topics such as medication safety and drug use.


I admit that in the past I have done everything from flushing down the toilet or pouring in the drain, to throwing away in the trash, and more when it comes to disposing of medicine that has gone unused or expired. Thanks to LifeInCheck I won’t be doing that anymore and you don’t have to either.


Here are tips for some of the best ways you can practice medication safety right within your own home.

• Keep childproof caps tightly sealed on medications.

• Keep medications out of the reach of children, and even locked up if possible.

• Make sure to measure out and give the correct dosage of medicine.

• Give medication at prescribed times. If you miss a time do not double up on the dosage.

• Always check expiration dates when purchasing medicine and also before taking or giving out any medication.

• Safely dispose of unused or expired medications.

Thanks to the Drug Disposal program that LifeInCheck created, they now provide consumers with a safe option to discard unused or expired prescription medications in secure receptacles located across the US. To find a location closest to you simply click here then enter your information so you can see a list of safe drug disposal locations in your area. Thank you for helping to protect your family and our communities.


The LifeInCheck Drug Disposal Receptacle is easy to use plus it provides a safe and responsible way for everyone to join in the fight against the opioid crisis.

To participate first you have to gather your unused and/or expired medications. Next you take them to a LifeInCheck Drug Disposal Receptacle. Then you simply pull to open the drawer, place medications inside and close the drawer.


Has the opioid crisis affected your family or community?

Even if you don’t have a personal connection, join me in cleaning out your medicine cabinets and practicing medication safety while also helping to protect your family and our communities, thanks to the Drug Disposal program from LifeInCheck.


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