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Long Weekend Getaway Ideas

Do you love to travel? One of our family’s favorite types of trips are long weekend getaways. They give you a chance to vacation, getaway and explore somewhere new without having to be away for too long. This works especially well if you have limited vacation time or have kids who are in school and can’t miss too many days.

I love being able to take multiple long weekends away throughout the year versus only one or two big vacations. You don’t need a long time in order to travel places both near and far. For an added bonus you will find that most of my long weekend getaway ideas are family friendly destinations. 

Long Weekend Getaways for the girls, couples, and families!

Long Weekend Getaway Ideas

Many times when people think of travel they associate that with being a longer type of trip and usually somewhere far away. 

Whether you live on the East or West Coast, want to visit Disney World on a budget, stay at a resort that has something for all ages, see an inexpensive Broadway show, or something else, there are all kinds of getaways to take. 

If you need help packing, I have international travel must-haves, carry on luggage essentials, and also suggestions for what to pack when traveling for a long weekend getaways

Here are some long weekend getaway ideas, which can be such a perfect way to road trip, take a train, fly or even cruise to explore both local and far away places.

The Best Long Weekend Getaways 

Now that I have shared some of my favorite long weekend getaway ideas, as they are such a great way to travel and explore new places and things, here are some travel related tips to make your trips easier:


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