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Instagram Story Creation

Over the past few years Instagram has become one of the most widely used social media platforms, for both business and pleasure.

Then Instagram Stories came along and added a whole new layer of fun and excitement! Stories provide Instagram users with an opportunity to give a more intimate and behind the scenes look into their lives, travels, family, food, and much more. 

Recently I have been receiving compliments on the style of my Instagram Stories, especially my travel focused ones (you can see examples from both my Rome and Spain trips within my highlights). I have even received more work thanks to the stylized nature of my Stories (see examples at the bottom).

Are you looking for a way to make your Instagram Stories stand out more, or simply don’t have the time to create them, whether it is for sponsored work or not? 

Are you looking to make your Instagram Stories stand out more? Let me help with the Instagram Services I am now offering for Instagram Story Creation.

Let me help with the Instagram Services I am now offering.

How it works:

I will create unique and custom Instagram Story slides for you, complete with captions. You can tell me which blog post you want me to use the pictures from for your Stories, or just send me the exact pictures you want used.

I offer a variety of styles including Classic, Adventure, Rose Marble, Film Retro, Paper and more. After I create and send your Story slides, all you would need to do is add any hashtags (if you want them) and simply post. 

Instagram Story Creation Packages:

  1. One 5 – Slide Story (non-sponsored)…………  $35.00
  2. One 5 – Slide Story (sponsored)………………..  $50.00

Monthly Plan

  1. 4 (non-sponsored) Stories per month (5 slides each)…. $110.00
  2. 4 (sponsored) Stories per month (5 slides each)………… $150.00      

*The Monthly Plans require at least a 3-month commitment at a time.    

You can check out my video by clicking here.

Payment can be made via Paypal.       

Instagram Story Creation Packages

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