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How Motrin Helped Me Make it Happen

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Let me tell you a little story about how Motrin recently helped me refocus and remember just how important family time is, with their “Make it Happen” campaign.

One day this past spring I happened to be scrolling through Facebook and I saw a post on Motrin’s page that asked if you wanted to win a trip for two to L.A. to meet Jennie Garth. Ummmm yes please and thank you!  -Who wouldn’t want a amazing trip and an opportunity to meet the fabulous Kelly Taylor herself (for all of my Beverly Hills 90210 fans out there)?

I reviewed the post some more and saw that in order to enter to win I would need to share my family bonding tips. – In my head I was already the contest winner (yes you read that correctly), because if there is one thing that my family and I do well is make time for each other and bond, no matter how hectic life may get.

In less than a minute I had my family bonding tips written and shared on Motrin’s page and I hoped for the best. What were my contest winning tips you ask?

My Family Bonding Tips


Within about a week or so I received a message from Motrin that they would be in contact with me further as I was a potential grand prize winner. Excuse me, what? and where do I sign I ACCEPT?!

Signing Contracts

So of course I accepted, and in less than a month from when I first scrolled through and saw Motrin’s original contest post on Facebook, I was being whisked away to beautiful Malibu, California for a whirlwind experience of a lifetime. Not only did I get to bring a friend along for this amazing ride, but Motrin saw to it that every detail was taken care of from the flights, chauffeured car services, mani/pedis, a great hotel (on the club level), excellent foods, a wardrobe fitting, hair and makeup personnel and let us not forget the best part of all, THE OPPORTUNITY TO HANG OUT WITH AND FILM WITH JENNIE GARTH (can you tell that I am still excited and love any excuse to relive this incredible experience?)

Hair and Makeup Time

The day of filming we arrived at an undisclosed location in Malibu (it was a private residence that they were using to film these “Make It Happen” segments). There was a tent sent up next to the craft services table complete with a director’s chair for ME! While on set all day I had the opportunity to watch Jennie Garth film some other segments and I have to say I am still in awe of all that goes on behind the scenes, and just how much of a natural she is in front of the camera.

The clip that Jennie and I filmed together was an outdoor scene showing how with just some things that you already have within your home, you can “Make It Happen” and bond with your family by having an impromptu backyard picnic. It was such a fun, lighthearted scene to film and I actually learned some tips from Jennie, such as taking a few rocks from our backyard and painting them with my kids to display outside of our home. Spontaneous, free, family fun for the WIN!

The day after we filmed it was sadly time to go home. I unfortunately was not yet ready to give up my temporary celebrity status or California lifestyle just yet, but I guess all good things must come to an end at some point. On my flight home back across the country, I had time to reflect and really think about all of the ways that I will strive to “Make It Happen” in various aspects of my life. I came back home armed with some great, simple tips to help strengthen our family bonds, despite our hectic schedules. We have already even had two impromptu, outdoor, family picnics!

Please tell me your tips on how you strive to “Make it Happen” in any way, whether it be making time for family, exercising, DIY projects, cooking, beauty, fashion, or anything else you want to share.


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Joe Bartell

Sunday 29th of November 2015

Wait...What...My wife would go nuts. She watches BH90120 everyday. She LOVES Jennie. You are so lucky, cool experience.


Sunday 29th of November 2015

It was an amazing experience!


Sunday 29th of November 2015

What an awesome opportunity! That is so cool!


Sunday 29th of November 2015

Thank you so much!

Dawn Lopez (@dawnchats)

Monday 21st of September 2015

Wow, now that is COOL! You are awesome girl!

Keith R Laskey

Monday 21st of September 2015

Awesome post and what an experience! With Fall coming, I can't wait to do all of the outdoor events like hayrides and pumpkin picking. Spending family time outside this time of year is always great.

Also, I would like to play more board games as a family. I am all about carefree fun and games with the family.


Monday 21st of September 2015

I know that life gets hectic and seem so overscheduled at times, but we need to always remember family first and just work to always bond and #MakeItHappen