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How To Create Homemade Valentine’s Cards That Glow

Last year, when my daughter was in third grade, she came home from a school Valentine’s Day party a little sad. I watched as she dumped out a bag full of homemade valentines cards, crafts and gifts from her classmates on our kitchen table.

While she was showing me all the goodies and cute valentines day cards she received, my daughter said she wished we would’ve created something special together to give to her friends, especially since they can’t bring in foods or sweets.

Even though I don’t have a crafty bone in my body, I smiled and promised her next year we would make our own homemade valentines day cards to give out to her class.

Fast forward from that conversation and Valentine’s Day will already be here next month. Here are some free printable valentines day cards you can easily create!

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How can I make a Valentines card online?

As soon as the holidays ended and we started seeing all of the Valentines Day cards for school online and in the stores, my daughter reminded me about the DIY valentines day cards promise I made for this year.

We were trying to figure out exactly what to create when my daughter found an entire bag of glow sticks in our kitchen pantry.

That’s when I decided to create a free printable so we could make homemade valentines cards that glow!

diy glow bracelet valentines cards

Easily Create Valentines Cards That Glow:

Homemade Valentine's Cards That Glow

diy valentines cards


  • Glow Sticks (bulk bag with bracelet connectors)
  • Free Printable Valentines


  • Hole punch


  1. Print the FREE Valentine's cards.
  2. Cut the cards along the lines.
  3. Punch a hole in the top and bottom of each card.
  4. Slide one end of the glow stick bracelet into the top hole and the other end into the bottom hole.

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diy glow bracelet valentines cards

Don’t these valentines day cards for kids sound easy and fun?

They would be the perfect activity to do with kids, especially during a vacation at home, so they can hand them out or mail them to friends, family members, classmates and neighbors to show them everyone deserves to glow!


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